What is a dream dictionary?

When we dream, our consciousness disappears. We enter a mysterious, less obvious sphere of life, and in it we see and experience things that require explanation. Much remains unexplored and unexplained.

Wanting to know the meaning of dreams, we try to explain them through their impact on everyday life. Over the years, observations have been made and some recurring meanings have been established. A dream can be an announcement of change, a warning, a clue, or an exposure of our deeply hidden qualities.

If you want to understand your dreams, have a look at the powerful online dream book.

A dream book is a collection of the most frequently repeated dreams together with an explanation of their meaning. It is a collection of slogans to help understand the images formed in our mind.

The online dream book assigns a detailed explanation to each symbol. It is worth remembering, however, that there is no single recipe for reading dreams.

Each interpretation is a one-time act that should take into account the general situation of the dreamer, his character and previous experiences.

Dream Dictionary
Dream Dictionary

Dream meaning – interpretation online

Is it worth using the dream book?
Some people find it unnecessary. This is followed by representatives of science who undermine the authority of the dream books and emphasize that our memory is put in order during sleep. Indeed, dreams are mostly about things that have already been done.

Thanks to them, we collect memories (also those stored in the subconscious memory), and the images often refer to previously experienced emotions and situations. There is no doubt, however, that the meaning of dreams does not end there. The secrets of the human brain still remain unfathomable, and many can say that dreams foretold his future or showed him the way forward.

Of course, we should not blindly follow the dream book. Just because we see a coffin in a dream doesn’t mean we have to panic. However, it is worth writing down your dreams, juxtaposing them with the experiences of generations and thus drawing conclusions about your character and way of life. Dreams have always fascinated people and concealed an intriguing secret, as we are convinced by historical messages.

Numerology, or how to read dreams more effectively

There are certain methods to minimize the risk of confusing dreams. For this purpose, one should strive to build a complete picture of the situation, reading also other signals and signs sent to us by the Universe. Various branches of esoteric knowledge turn out to be invaluable then, including the tarot, horoscope or numerology.

They are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary – they complement each other perfectly. In addition to reading the meaning of dreams, it is also worth allowing other channels of information. If we combine the dream book with the numerological analysis of personality, our interpretation will become full-fledged, the pieces of the puzzle will come together and everything will make more sense.

Numerology studies the symbolism of numbers. It allows us to read what the numbers say about us and what paths of development are showing us. Knowing whether you are a numerology four or a nine, you gain an inexhaustible source of knowledge about your own personality.

Also, by identifying the numbers assigned to other people, it is easier to identify their strengths and weaknesses. In other words, numerological analysis makes it possible to draw conclusions about our future and the likely development of relationships important to us. Thanks to it, we also gain an overview of the cause of such and not other emotional reactions.

By combining dream interpretation with numerological knowledge, you will be able to analyze in more detail what is happening in your life.

Perhaps you will be able to anticipate certain situations, and you will certainly learn to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Dream interpretation and numerology are a duo that will help you better understand yourself and your destiny.

The history of dream interpretation

The first attempts at interpreting dreams took place in ancient times. Both Egyptians and Greeks were convinced that dreams mediated between the divine and earthly worlds. The gods were to guide the lost people with their help, and the priests appointed to explain their wills.

The fate of the state depended on the dreams of the rulers. In Rome, they were even debated in the Senate. Mentions about the interpretation of dreams can be found in the “Epic of Gilgamesh” from the third century BC.

The real breakthrough came in the nineteenth century, when psychologists, including Sigmund Freud, became interested in dreams. However, attempts to interpret and catalog all dream symbols did not bring the expected effect.

The creation of one dream book binding all over the world turned out to be impossible, inter alia, due to cultural and individual differences the predisposition of the dreamer. However, we should remember that we dream several times each night and that such dreams last a total of about two hours. Our dreams are a treasury of knowledge about our lives and ourselves.

Check the meaning of the dream dictionary for popular symbols.

A dog in a dream

dog dream meaning

Dog Dream Meaning

The dog is a common symbol that appears in dreams. He can be a nice puppy or a dangerous, aggressive dog that tries to hurt us.

The appearance of a dog in a dream is a metaphorical vision of other people, most often related to us in a family, professional or neighborhood way. A lovable puppy means a person we do not fully know. The little dog is a nice mascot, but it is difficult for us to predict what kind of dog it will be when it grows up.

A puppy appearing in a dream may therefore mean a person whose intentions towards us are unknown and unpredictable, therefore it is necessary to be especially careful. It is much easier to interpret a dream in which an adult dog appears.

If it is aggressive, the subconscious warns us to pay attention to people with whom we have regular contact, probably among them someone who has not necessarily good intentions.

A child in a dream

Child dream meaning
Child dream meaning

Child Dream Meaning

A child appears very often in dreams and it is an important symbol that we should treat as valuable advice or guidance.

Basically, the appearance of a child in a dream is perceived positively, especially when we are dealing with a happy, healthy, smiling and happy child.

Contrary to appearances, the appearance of a child in dreams is a metaphorical message from our subconsciousness, therefore it should not be interpreted literally.

A child means first of all our plans, dreams, projects, i.e. activities that have been started and are still going on or will be undertaken in the near future.

We should understand a dream differently in which we play with a cheerful, laughing child, and a situation when a woman gives birth to a dead child or looks after a sick or disabled child.

Betrayal in a dream

Betrayal in a dream

Betrayal Dream Meaning

Betrayal is a situation that every human being would like to avoid, both in life and in a dream.

The appearance of betrayal in dreams is primarily symbolic, in practice it means that betrayal should not be interpreted literally. Betrayal means that we will be disillusioned, our dreams and plans will not be realized.

When interpreting a dream in which betrayal appears, one should pay attention to whether the dreamer is cheating or has been betrayed. If a dreamer reveals his partner or a partner, it is a symbol that the actions or intentions taken by him or her may adversely affect the life of a loved one or an important person.

If, on the other hand, the dreaming person has been betrayed, it is information to draw attention to the hidden, often effectively camouflaged actions of a loved one, who may in fact turn out to be duplicitous.

Teeth in a dream

teeth dream meaning

Teeth Dream Meaning

Teeth very often appear in dreams and they are mistakenly associated with illness and even death. In fact, this symbol means things or people that are important to us.

The front teeth mean the most important things, the others – less important. Healthy, shiny teeth are a very good sign. In this way, the subconscious mind gives us a signal that everything is going in the right direction and that everything is going the way we want.

Falling out teeth – contrary to popular belief – does not mean disease. There is information about the loss. It is worth emphasizing that falling out teeth inform us primarily about material losses, they rarely concern the loss of a loved one.

Falling out front teeth refer to a large loss or loss of what is important to us. The circumstances under which teeth appear in a dream are also important – it is important information that allows you to correctly interpret a specific dream.

A rat in a dream

rat in dream

Rat Dream Meaning

The rat is a dangerous and very intelligent pest. It lives in a herd, with the priority role played by the animal in charge of the group.

The appearance of a rat in a dream is a multi-faceted symbol that requires detailed analysis and interpretation.

Contrary to appearances, this does not mean the appearance of this type of rodent in our home. In general, a rat is seen as an enemy. A dream in which we see a rat is a clear warning of upcoming problems or people who want to cause them to us.

It is important how big the rat is and how it behaves towards us. The rat that grins heralds a person who intends to make our lives difficult. More rats means the size of the problem.

We should positively interpret the dream in which the rat was defeated by us – this is what I know that we will be able to successfully overcome the problems.

Pregnancy in a dream

Pregnant dream meaning
Pregnant dream meaning

Pregnant Dream Meaning

For many women, pregnancy is a dream come true for motherhood.

However, the appearance of this symbol in a dream has a completely different character and, contrary to appearances, it does not constitute information about the expansion of the family. Pregnancy is our plans, projects, ideas, dreams, that is, what arises in our head matures.

When interpreting a dream about pregnancy, it is worth paying attention to important issues, especially the emotions, feelings and feelings that accompany us. If we enjoy the pregnancy and develop properly, we can be sure that the course of action we have chosen is the right one.

However, if it is an unwanted or threatened pregnancy, our plans, projects or dreams may turn out to be a failure. However, it is worth remembering that a dream is primarily a clue, advice or warning, so it is worth analyzing all symbols in detail, taking into account the current life, professional and personal situation.

Mouse in a dream

mouse dream meaning

Mouse Dream Meaning

Mice are not very nice and not very popular rodents. They are primarily associated with loss or destruction. The appearance of mice in dreams also provokes unpleasant sensations.

A dream of mice fills you with fear, horror, and disgust. Basically, a mouse is considered a pest, therefore a dream in which mice occur alerts us to impending problems or losses that we will incur through our own inattention. Mice also often mean our enemies and people who do not wish us well.

These rodents usually appear imperceptibly, are quiet and agile. By analyzing the symbol of a mouse in dreams, we can assume that the people we consider friends actually have two faces and are plotting against us. It is also important under what circumstances mice appeared in our dream.

If they are in the attic or in the basement, the dream concerns our innermost emotional and emotional spheres, but if they appear at home, we should pay attention to those around us. A positive sign is defeating the mice.

Shoes in a dream

shoes dream meaning

Shoes Dream Meaning

Shoes that appear in a dream are associated primarily with travel or departure. In fact, it is hardly surprising that shoes are generally used for walking, so it is very important that they are comfortable and appropriate to the outfit.

A dream in which comfortable and at the same time effective shoes appear is a positive sign that informs you about a departure or trip. This symbol does not necessarily mean going on holiday, it can also be a change of residence or a change of job for a better one, or even a promotion.

Occupational issues are also indicated by additional symbols that appear in a dream, such as an elegant suit and a briefcase, that harmonize with shoes.

If, on the other hand, we dream that we are putting on old, damaged, torn shoes, we have the right to assume that in the near future we will encounter problems that we will have to face.

Money in a dream

money dream symbol

Money Dream Meaning

Money is a material value, without which it is difficult to imagine proper functioning in the modern world.

It is also a common symbol of dreams. Dream money comes in different forms, you can take or give it, pay or withdraw it at an ATM. Both billions and banknotes appear in dreams. Basically, money symbolizes material things. Receiving money is basically a good sign, information that we will receive something in real life.

A dream in which we spend money looks less optimistic, it is a sign that we will have to get rid of some material thing or pay for our own mistakes.

The circumstance in which we spend or receive money and the appearance of the banknotes are equally important – nice, new, undamaged are a positive sign, while dirty, torn, damaged, and even more so counterfeit banknotes predict problems to come.

Water in a dream

Water Dream Meaning
Water Dream Meaning

Water Dream Meaning

Water is a very common and at the same time very important symbol that appears in dreams. In general, water is associated with life, health, vitality and vital energy.

It takes a similar character in dreams – if we see crystal clear, calm water, we can be sure that our health and life are completely safe, i.e. we do not have to worry about possible health problems.

If, on the other hand, the water that appears in the dream is turbulent, we should pay attention to our emotions, the mental sphere, that is – generally speaking – calm our nerves.

Dirty water also requires detailed interpretation – it is a symbol through which the subconscious mind tries to draw our attention to important problems that we should not ignore. It is worth remembering that the symbol of water should be interpreted in conjunction with a specific situation – a rough lake with clear water should be understood differently than the undulating surface of a swamp.

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