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Plane Dream Meaning

Plane in a dream can mean sudden, dramatic changes in life, far-reaching thoughts, a desire for freedom and the search for independence.

What Does Dreaming About Plane Mean?

Taking off plane

It means that you are looking for escape and freedom in life, although you may not realize these desires.

The plane taking off the flight

It means throwing yourself into a precarious endeavor and taking a chance. However, the dream book requires caution.

Fly by plane

If you leave the plane in a dream, this portends the beginning of a new activity for you.

A plane flying without a pilot

It symbolizes great ideas, which, however, prove that you are losing touch with reality.

Flying plane

It may portend you unexpected and great success in life, most likely related to your work. Dream interpretation announces many successes.

A plane taxiing in the air

It means that you are at a disadvantage, and it could end badly for you if you don’t do something about it.

Colorful planes

It signifies the danger that you can bring on yourself if you continue to be in the clouds.

Travelling by plane

This means that you want to leave behind something that is weighing on you. A flight may also announce that you will receive a new job offer or start a new job. The flight altitude is also important.

A plane flying over the water

It means you’ve overdone something. Most likely, you overestimated your abilities and the possibility of carrying out some plan.

A plane flying at low altitude and trying to take off again

This foreshadows difficulties and failures for you.

The plane was in trouble

This can reflect your fear of flying, but also signal that you don’t overestimate your own abilities.

Airplane landing

It portends you success, the end of the project or a risk that will pay off for you.

Burning plane

This is a sign that your venture will fail, and that burning with a bright flame, it portends you great success.

Plane Dream Meaning
Plane Dream Meaning
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