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Dropping Dream Meaning

Human excrement or urine in a dream may indicate your immature personality. Such dreams are unpleasant, and we often wonder what they mean. This may suggest that you are being childish and indulging in such pleasures. In dreams, we also often see animal feces.

Feces seen in a dream

It can mean that everything related to bodily functions is dirty and selfish.

Human waste can mean some areas of your life that you should organize and benefit from, but leave behind at the same time.

Playing with feces

It can mean money and valuables, imminent financial trouble or fear of responsibility.

Cat droppings

Apparent profit or momentary pleasure. Maybe you will get some extra money, but you will lose it quickly. It is also a signal that routine is creeping into your life.

Bird droppings

If you are a young person, it means immaturity and recklessness. For the rest, bird droppings portend unpleasant surprises and small profits.
When the bird droppings are on the car, luck and money. It is possible that you will save on car expenses.

Rat droppings

They can portend a trick or a waste of money.

Mouse droppings

They indicate gray everyday life. You may find something, but it won’t be of value.

Elephant droppings

They stand for success in endeavors and business.

Horse droppings

Unexpected emotional or family problems.

Cow excrement

Great happiness and joy if you step in it. The dream foretells a favorable future and financial stability. You will not miss anything in your life.

Chicken or duck droppings

Minor problems that you will overcome. A small financial injection.

Baby droppings

Now is a good time to implement your plans and bold goals. Sleep offers many possibilities, but it also foreshadows unforeseen expenses.

Droppings with worms

A harbinger of upcoming health problems. Suggestion that the dreamer should take care of his physical condition and eat healthy.

Feces with blood

They testify to some great toil and effort while awake.

Rabbit droppings

Problems with children or foreshadows the appearance of a new offspring in your environment.

Problems with bowel movements

If you dream that you cannot have a bowel movement, it means that you cannot cut yourself off from past or past habits, so you are blocked in a way.


When you dream that you are dirty with feces, it indicates your loathing towards a part of your own personality that you cannot understand and accept.

Dog droppings

Something will bring you happiness. You will be able to count on someone’s help.

Step into the feces

Dream interpretation portends good luck. Events that will add color to your life await you.

Eat feces

When you eat droppings in a dream, it portends illness, greed or self-loathing.

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