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Coffin Dream Meaning

A coffin in a dream reminds you of death. A dream may allude to the death of a loved one and a loss that you cannot come to terms with.

coffin dream

The coffin also indicates the meaning of death and the rites associated with it. In addition, it can be a signal to you that you should forget about the past so that you can start a new life comfortably.

You should focus more on what is happening now.

What Does Dreaming About Coffin Mean?

Lie in the coffin

When you dream that you are in a coffin, it portends you happiness, but not as great as you expect.

lie in the coffin dream

When you dream that you are lying in a coffin, it means that you should forget about the past and lean only on the future.

Empty coffin

Indicates unnecessary worries.

Rich coffin

It means you would like to easily cross a turning point in your life. This symbol can mean that you are closing your mind to feelings and thereby killing part of yourself.

Closed coffin

A closed coffin may portend you to give up a person or professional position.

Coffin with the deceased

Sleep suggests that you will have reasons to worry. If you see a corpse in the coffin, it could indicate problems in love or friendship.

A floating coffin

When you see the coffin floating on the water like a boat, you are scared of something. You have a lot of anxiety in you.

Carry the coffin

When you carry the coffin, a dream prompts you to make an important decision. It is also possible that you will be doing some unpleasant work or duty.

carry the coffin

Coffin with a cross

A coffin with a cross, a dream portends sorrow and suffering.

Burning coffin

A burning coffin, it is an announcement of farewell. It can be about losing contact with someone, someone else’s departure, parting or saying goodbye to dreams and plans.

Baby coffin

An announcement of worries and troubles. A child’s coffin seen in a dream can also mean saying goodbye to childhood dreams and a carefree life. Sometimes a dream indicates some childhood problems.

Mother or Father in a coffin

You will change your approach. It is possible that you will become more tender and caring. The mother in the coffin may also indicate negligence and difficulties in carrying out many duties. Sleep also prompts you to deepen your relationship with your parents.

Father’s coffin, how is it interpreted in the dream book? It shows helplessness. You may be looking for help, advice, consolation, a role model.

Sleep also portends an improvement in relationships with loved ones. The father in the coffin also suggests that any disagreements will be settled. If your father is alive, it promises him a long life.

Coffin Dream Meaning
Coffin Dream Meaning

Coffin with the grandfather

You will be able to count on someone’s help. Also success in financial matters.

Coffin with grandma

Warning against misfortune or bad decision. You will seek consolation.

Coffin with husband or wife

Loneliness in problems, no ability to cope with problems, no support.

Coffin with uncle or aunt

You will regain control of your own life. You will understand mistakes and solve problems. You will be able to count on someone else’s good advice.

A coffin with a brother or sister, a dream may portend a deterioration in relations with family or friends. However, this is a good time to make important decisions.

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