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Feet Dream Meaning

The feet in a dream represent your position, values, beliefs and principles.

Injured foot

It means your values ​​don’t mean much in your daily life.

Foot in the shoe

According to Freud, the foot in a shoe is related to the sexual sphere. As the dream book says, accompanying circumstances are also important.

Go by foot

When you dream that you are walking, it indicates a spiritual change that is starting in you. Dream interpretation augurs you with a long investigation to certain, very important conclusions.

Strong feet

Strong feet in the dream book are a sign that you are taking up a task and you feel that you will win quickly or that it will require hard work from you.

Be barefoot

If you dream that you are barefoot, it means trouble or to be out of your depth . The dream book requires patience.

Sick feet

Sick, injured feet indicate life obstacles that you may not be able to overcome with your strength.

To be without feet and legs

When in a dream you see yourself without feet and legs, it is a sign that you are afraid of losses or changes in your life. The dream book tells you to slowly look for your own path and resign from sudden changes.

Dirty feet

Dirty feet may portend diseases, the symptoms of which you do not feel yet. They can also symbolize remorse.

Big feet

Big feet sometimes indicate being rich.

See your own feet

When you dream that you see your own feet unusually large, it means that your expectations are too high.

Kiss your feet

Kissing your feet is a sign that you are too modest or that you must expect humiliation and failure.

Wash your feet

Washing your feet is a symbol of cleansing. It can also mean that you want to dissociate yourself from outdated rules. It can also mean sadness or dissatisfaction.
When you dream that you are washing your feet, it means that you have cut yourself off the worries of everyday life.

To run

If you dream that you are running forward, it bodes progress.

If you are moving backwards, it means you are moving in the wrong direction in life.

See many feet

Many feet can portend material losses and signal you to care more about your financial affairs.

Watch foreign feet

When you watch someone’s feet in a dream, it is a sign that you feel shame and humiliation, you need to break down and overcome fear.

If in a dream you were bitten on your foot, such a dream symbolizes the envy of the sleeping person.

Injured foot

A sign that your friends will fail you. You will need them and they will not help you.

Amputee foot

It is a sign of shame and mockery.

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