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Kiss Dream Meaning

A kiss in a dream symbolizes love, tenderness, peace, harmony and satisfaction with life; it is also a sign of young love and fresh romance.

What Does Dreaming About Kiss Mean?

Alternatively, a dream means that you need to introduce a little more romance and tenderness into your personal relationship with your partner.

If you dream about your first kiss, it could be a harbinger of real events that will take place in your very near future.

Kiss the woman

One way to get a partner is to allow him to prove himself.

Kiss the man

You will have the opportunity to discuss important issues that have divided you recently with your partner.

Kiss someone – dream meaning

A dream foreshadows positive experiences in love.

Kiss someone you like

You will start making big plans for your future.

Kiss a loved one

You will get the attention of someone you care about a lot, and perhaps even your relationship will grow much stronger.

Kiss a stranger

You may begin to feel guilty.

Kiss your friend goodbye

You will set yourself ambitious challenges.

To be kissed by someone

You want to experience love and new energy in your relationship.

If the dream ends just before the kiss

You are not sure about the feelings of the person you care about; for some time you have been trying to establish a relationship, although you do not know what will be its end.

Kiss Dream Meaning
Kiss Dream Meaning

Kiss a person of the same sex

Such a dream does not indicate your homosexuality, it rather suggests the need for greater comfort in your life.

Kiss someone on the face

You are too involved in someone else’s relationship or family life.

Kiss or be kissed on the hand

You will be prone to romantic gestures and emotions, which will surprise even yourself.

Kiss or be kissed on the leg

Respect and humility towards a person will not allow you to act to the fullest.

Kiss or be kissed on the neck

You will be overcome with unfettered passion and desire.

To be kissed by a stranger

You will fantasize about perfect romance and love.

Kiss the enemy

A dream portends a betrayal or reconciliation with an angry friend.

Kiss the ground

Sleep warns you of the worries and humiliations of life ahead of you.

Kiss an elderly person

Disappointment in unfulfilled love will make you grow bitter over time.

Kiss the mother

You will fulfill your desire for more tenderness in your life.

To be kissed against your will

Don’t insist on your opinion, because you don’t have to be right; Listen carefully to what others have to say to you and begin to draw constructive conclusions.

Exchange a lot of kisses with someone

Your life will gain momentum in all areas over time.

See how others kiss

You may find that someone abuses your trust and accidentally reveals a secret you have entrusted to them.

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