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Store Dream Meaning

The store may indicate the fullness of life opportunities that you are not using sufficiently. The dream interpretation suggests that you are not taking advantage of all the opportunities and good opportunities. When dreaming about a store, it is worth remembering what assortment is in it, is it a shoe store, a clothes store, a meat store or maybe a grocery store?

Empty store

If the store is empty, you are not yet awake.

Customers in the store

Abundance or a good deal.

Closed shop

Troubles and limitations.

Enter the store

You expect others to serve you, and it can also mean unexpected expenses.


When you don’t know what you want to buy in the store, it means you have trouble figuring out your desires and can’t make a decision. It is also important what is in the foreground in your dream. It can be a specific product, a conversation with the seller or seeking advice.

Conversation with the seller

When you dream that you are talking to the seller, it means that you do not understand something in your life and need help.


This means you have a chance to make big money.

A clothing store

When there are only clothes in the store, it means you will be self-centered.

Shop with dresses

You will gain courage and self-confidence.

Be a seller in a store

When you dream that you are a salesperson in a store, it means that you are sacrificing yourself too much for others and you may even become ridiculous about it and you will definitely not find true friendship or love that way. You need to be more self-confident. Only in a few cases, the dream in which you are a seller in a store may bring you financial benefits.

Be a store owner

This means that in a conscious life you look for an opportunity.

Shoe store

Be brave but reasonable. It is also a symbol of choices, dilemmas and wealth.

Butcher shop

Abundance and possession of many goods. It also indicates the will to rule.

Toy store

It can foreshadow trouble in your relationship or bring good news. You may hear about the birth of a baby.

A bakery

Well, it portends a monotonous but happy life.

Jewelry store

Expresses a desire to make a good impression or impress something or someone.

Furniture store

It expresses the need to arrange life or introduce necessary changes to it.

Fish shop

It stands for human health and favor. According to the dream book, this is a good sign.

Walk past the store

If you pass a shop in a dream, it means that you will resist any temptation.

Liquor store

When seen in a dream, it portends a social gathering or strong emotions.

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