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Sagittarius : November 22 – December 21

People born in the sign of Sagittarius have a lot of energy and life enthusiasm. They are also characterised by a great temperament. Thanks to kindness and energy, they manage to maintain very good contacts with the environment, they are still interesting new people, new facts, therefore, they are very interested in everything that happens around them.

Sagittarius is also mobile and independent, believing that you have to move forward and at the same time help others constantly. One can say that they are great social workers.

Character traits of the zodiacal Sagittarius

An important feature of the Zodiacal Sagittarius’s character is also the love of freedom and the tendency to fantasise. He is, however, also honest and straightforward, rather truthful, and does not incline to cheat. He loves to live a lively social life; he hates possessiveness or a situation when someone comes into him or wants to limit him.

He surrounds himself with forgiving people who can tolerate his sometimes-exaggerated honesty (because Sagittarius has it in his heart, and also on the tongue), he also has a great sense, he is witty, candid, that’s why people like to cling to him.


Female Sagittarius – character traits

The lady under the sign of Sagittarius is a woman of flesh and blood, really racial, usually athletic, shapely and very interesting. She loves new adventures and eagerly provokes them, but at the same time – although she values ​​sensory impressions – she follows her principles in life, which can amaze many adventure seekers. So, if you want to get her completely, you just have to marry her. Unfortunately for a potential candidate, Mrs Sagittarius has very high matrimonial ambitions, and it is hard to please her, which in practice, may prove disastrous also for her. If she’s picking up in men for too long, she often ends up with an accidental partner, with whom she is the only reason not to become a single.

The Sagittarius woman is also full of life, cheerful and witty; she has a strong sense of freedom and independence, she values ​​her honour very much. Hence, she avoids young boys and people (especially men) who seem to be unkind. She also draws great attention both to the man’s appearance, as well as to his upbringing and sociability.

The best signs for the Sagittarian woman are Aries, Libra, and Leo. However, relationships with Aquarius and Cancer are not the happiest ones.
A successful pair will be created by Mrs Sagittarius with Aries thanks to the similarity of temperaments and temperament. Mutual satisfaction in sleeping matters – assured.

The relationship with the Libra is very dynamic. Both can be understanding, have a wide gesture, complement each other regarding feeling and sensual, although Mrs Sagittarius in these last cases will rather dominate.

Mrs Sagittarius combines wonderful life harmony with Mr Leo. Both are characterised by honesty and openness, cheerfulness and mobility. They also have similar temperaments and common interests. Also, a violent passion without repentance will make boredom unlikely.

Male Sagittarius – character traits

The Sagittarius’s man fits like a glorious saying, “Look where you’re going because you’ll be where you look.” This is related to the fact that he usually searches for large spaces, where he can gallop without looking around, keeping his head in the clouds.

Male Sagittarius is very mobile and sociable, has broad intellectual interests, and at the same time is very friendly towards the world.

Rather, high demands are placed on the heart of the girl, but – what needs to be emphasised is usually very superficial when dealing with women. He leads an intense and varied erotic life. He works under the influence of an impulse; he is also characterised by romance and openness. He can get involved in several parallel relationships simultaneously, being convinced of his honest feelings.

Mr Sagittarius needs freedom at all costs. Therefore, the occupying women will not have a chance with him because they will quickly slip out of his hands, run away to the more docile women whom he will be better able to control. She also adores flattery, which a wise partner should occasionally shower over him. It is difficult to tame his temperament, but a person who keeps pace with Sagittarius and is not jealous will find that he can really love.

Sagittarius will create good relationships with women from the scales of Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius, but definitely should not be associated with the ladies from under the Gemini, and also with the Virgo.

The Libra woman and male Sagittarius create a lovely pair. They love adventures and can enjoy life. They love social life and change. Each leaves the partner a certain margin of freedom, which is especially important for Sagittarius. In his bed life, he shows many initiatives, so that he will not have to worry about his beloved “sideways jumps”. The harmony of the relationship is assured.

Also, the lively but good-natured nature of Leo will appeal to Mr Sagittarius, while the courage and courage of Sagittarius will delight Mrs. Lew. They both have their own style and want everything best from life.

A man of Sagittarius can create a harmonious and lasting relationship with Mrs Sagittarius. Career, social success, travel – these are their common goals. Mutual fascination without borders.

Sagittarius – interesting facts

COMPATIBLE SIGNS: Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Libra

IINCOMPATIBLE SIGNS: Fish, Cancer, Capricorn, Bull

HAPPY STONE: diamond, turquoise, amethyst

COLOURING COLOURS: indigo, burgundy, celadon

Professions in which they can prove themselves: justice, technology and inventiveness, education, military, sport, trade, culture, journalism, administration, communication

Sagittarius – detailed horoscope

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