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Woman Dream Meaning

A woman in a dream can mean changes in life. It is an expression of dreams and expectations. The dream book also specifies that when we see her, there will be minor disputes with our loved ones in our lives.

A woman in a dream symbolizes upbringing, caring character and love, sometimes also inaction and passivity. Alternatively, it indicates temptation or guilt.

What Does Dreaming About Woman Mean?

Sleep refers to the feminine aspects we hide within ourselves and usually reminds us of the mother.

Alternatively, it indicates temptation and guilt. If you know the woman you dream about, you should start to worry about the feelings you have for her.

Beautiful woman in a dream

Dreaming of a beautiful woman may mean that you have a rival in your immediate vicinity, who will soon be about to make you feel. Better start being interested in your partner, he may be a little sloppy lately.

Angry woman in a dream

If we dreamed of an angry woman, it could mean that in real life we ​​will make some terrible mistake that will cost us a lot.

Happy woman in a dream

A happy woman in a dream means good news that will soon come to your life.

Naked woman in a dream

It means that in real life you have too high expectations and expectations of others. He warns against unnecessary effort that will not pay off.

A dream about a woman with blonde hair

Dreaming of such a woman means that soon something in your life will change for the better.

Brunette or dark haired girl

You will suffer from health problems.


Someone will stalk you.

Woman with long hair

It augurs abundance and wealth.

Woman with short hair

You will experience pleasure.

The crying woman

It means a lot of trouble.

An elderly woman

It means that there are many new opportunities waiting for you in real life that must be used. An elderly woman in a dream symbolizes wisdom, leadership and female power.

Painted woman

It is a symbol of hypocrisy. Someone close to you is hiding something from you.

Woman Dream Meaning
Woman Dream Meaning

Lots of women in a dream

It means a boisterous party, warns against rumors.

Country woman

It is a symbol of consolation and pride in children.

To see a woman in a dream

It often shows needs and expectations that we are not yet aware of.

Beautiful woman with long hair

The announcement of successes, especially in matters of the heart.

The pregnant woman

An announcement of joyful moments in life or the disclosure of hidden desires to have children.

A woman with a child

Many worries await you.

Take a walk with the woman

A harbinger of unpleasantness that can poison a peaceful life.

Hug her, embrace her

A warning against disputes.

Seek her favor

Someone will break your trust.

Woman in a beautiful dress

In spite of your inglorious acts, someone will show you favor.

Woman in beautiful shoes

The dream of pleasure will blind your eyes.

See a woman in company

Solve a case that may cause a lot of conflict, as you still have a chance to come to a compromise that will satisfy both parties.

Praying woman

Soon, the situation that seemed hopeless will change for the better.

The laughing woman

You will make great expenses.

Kiss the woman

On one point, you can only gain more than you lose.

The woman dressed in black

Sad news will come from far away.

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