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Water Dream Meaning

A dream about water portends wealth and worry, harmony and chaos. In the dream book, water has both positive and negative meanings.

Depending on the context and whether we dream of dirty water, clean water, sea, river or swimming pool, the dream book gives a different translation.

What Does Dreaming About Water Mean?

water in dream
Water in dream

Dreams in which water appears have been described extensively in the dream book. This is due to the fact that water is extremely diverse in symbolism. It is identified with life, something clean, but also with danger.

The dream interpretation emphasizes that the water present in a dream can carry a different message, so the interpretation should not be made lightly. In the dream book, dirty water will have a different meaning than clean water.

The purity of the water is just one of the many details of understanding the message of the dream. There are many more elements to pay attention to.

How to read a dream about water?

If what we remember from sleep concerns the level of water pollution, the symbolism concerns our interior. According to the dream book, dirty water reflects the state of our soul, offenses and an unclean conscience.

It can also be a reflection of our internal conflicts and shyness. Sometimes dreaming about dirty water is a warning against an impending illness.

Water Dream Meaning
Water Dream Meaning

As we read in the dream book, clean water is a good sign. This, in turn, means our inner balance and satisfaction with life. This dream with the participation of water is also a harbinger of emotional and professional prosperity.

If we fall into dirty and cloudy water in a dream, we are warned against making life mistakes. Sudden happiness awaits us if we fall into pure water in a dream. The dream interpretation says that swimming in the water means joyful care.

Water in the house

Water in the house

Water in the house is quite a common theme described in the dream book. Its symbolism can be both positive and related to a warning. When it is clean water, the dream book tells about good news or about nice guests.

On the other hand, if it comes from an apartment or house, the dream about water is a warning that we face situations that require important decisions and control.


Apart from the associations with a holiday rest, the sea usually evokes negative feelings. It is dangerous, huge and deep.

The dream interpretation explains that such a great water as the sea shows that we will have concerns about the future.

Our subconscious signals uncertainty and fear. Dreaming of water, when accompanied by a storm, represents a complete loss of control over emotions and life. On the other hand, it foreshadows trouble.

A calm surface of water is a positive sign and augurs harmony.

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