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Dress Dream Meaning


Dress in a dream has many meanings. It stands for protection, social function, feelings and your intentions. The most important thing is its appearance.

The dream book shows that, depending on its value, a dress or a dress may be interpreted as a signal of longing for better living conditions or as an indication of secrets hidden by the dreamer.

What Does Dreaming About Dress Mean?

Dress Dream Meaning

As the dream book suggests, a golden dress is a symbol of beautiful but empty promises.

A beautiful dress promises you happiness and success, but also warns you against vanity.

dress in dream
Dress in Dream
  • Dirty dress means trouble and aggression. The dream interpretation suggests that you can “get off” on people who will not owe you anything.
  • The burning dress warns you against defamation caused by your bad nature.
  • A torn dress indicates a choleric character and a tendency to rashness.
  • A dress with a train usually portends time spent in good company, while for middle-aged people it bodes well for marriage
  • The red dress stands for pride and arrogance.
  • Yellow dress means cunning, intrigue.
  • A nice green dress makes your dreams come true and hope.
  • The black dress bodes problems and sadness.
  • A dress from grandma’s wardrobe means that you want to live with dignity and not pay attention to resentments.
  • If you dream that you are wearing a dress that is too youthful for you, it means that you are childish.
  • When you dream that you are taking off your dress in front of someone, it indicates that you would like to show your moral superiority to others or that you are not afraid of being exposed.
  • Someone else’s dress means that you will have all the goods of this world.
  • When you dream that you have a nice dress, it means that you live in good relations with people. As the dream book suggests, it may bode good fortune and social prestige.
nice dress dream meaning
Nice Dress Dream Meaning
  • When you have many of your own dresses, it portends you unfulfilled hopes and disappointments.
  • Beautiful dresses foreshadow that you will be lucky.
  • When you dream that you have or are wearing a white dress, it announces nice news to you.
  • The blue dress promises you joy.
  • If you dream that you are hanging a dress, it portends your illness.
  • If you wear a golden dress, it portends that you will receive a beautiful, but not necessarily serious, promise. Dream interpretation indicates unnecessary hopes.
  • When you see a dress embroidered with gold, it bodes happiness and honor.
  • If you have a dress embroidered with gold, it bodes for profit and good ventures.
  • If you wear a gold-embroidered dress, it bodes for dark days and hard work.
  • A silk dress is a sign that you are in the most appropriate place in your life.
  • A dress that is too short indicates your feeling of inferiority or that you are missing something in your environment.
  • When you dream that you are wearing a shabby and dirty dress, it bodes badly for you in your endeavors or signals that your behavior compared to others leaves much to be desired.
  • A poor looking dress is a sign to be more modest and thrifty.
  • When you dream that you are washing your dress, it is a sign that you need to live much more economically.
Dress Dream Meaning
Dress Dream Meaning
  • When you see a colorful dress, it portends you bad luck or luck, depending on the meaning of the color.
  • If you dream that you are buying a dress, it bodes reconciliation with your enemy and portends your living conditions to improve.
  • If you are sewing a dress, it is a sign that your diligence will be rewarded. It can also tell you about love and marriage.
  • An old dress is a sign that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your poverty as perhaps you are richer than some people with lots of money.
  • A dress made of good material promises a good future for you.
  • The stains on the dress portend damage to your honor.
  • A torn and dirty dress is a sign that your despondency will do badly in your life.
  • When you dream that you are pulling out an ugly dress, it is a sign that you are tormented by sadness and regret.
  • If you pull out a nice dress, it portends that you will make new friends.
  • If you are decorating a dress, it bodes well for engagement and wedding cancellation.
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