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Swimming pool Dream Meaning

The pool dream has to do with the spiritual and emotional side of your personality. Don’t take things about feelings lightly. The pool in a dream can have clean or dirty water, be filled to the brim with water or be completely empty.

See the people at the pool

When in a dream you see people swimming in a pool, it means a dream come true.

Bathing in clothes

If you bathe in your clothes in a dream, it is a sign that something is going to happen that will evoke a lot of feelings in us.

Bathe in baasen

If you are bathing in a pool in a dream, it is a sign that you will make new friends that will help you achieve promotion. There is a chance of romance.

Pool with clear water

Dreaming of a swimming pool with clear water means you will overcome your biggest problems.

Dirty water pool

A secret admirer may appear. Also troubles and dilemmas.

Swimming pool near the house

When in your dream you have a swimming pool next to your house, it is a sign that you want to put your emotional affairs in order, but you do not know how to go about it, learn to talk about how you feel and most importantly, do not be ashamed of it.

See people swimming in the pool

If in a dream you see people swimming in a pool, it is a dream come true. Your fate will change and your fortune will start to favor you.

Empty pool

If in a dream you see an empty pool, then a sign that you will be dissatisfied, complexes will appear.

Indoor swimming pool

Dreaming of an indoor pool means that you will be jealous of your significant other. The dream interpretation indicates the need for temporary isolation or withdrawal from social life.

Buy a ticket to the swimming pool

When you buy a ticket to the swimming pool in a dream, it is a sign that your situation will improve.

See someone’s pool

When you see a stranger’s pool in a dream, this indicates your jealousy of other people’s successes and portends financial difficulties.

Buying a pool

If you are buying a swimming pool in your dream, it is a sign that very joyful moments are approaching for you.

Jump into the pool

When you jump into a swimming pool in a dream, it is a sign that your body is demanding relaxation.

Cold water pool

To dream of cool water in the pool means good health and an improvement in your financial situation.

Neglected pool

The overgrown and dilapidated pool symbolizes our loneliness. Such a dream indicates that you should go out to people.

Swim in the pool

If in a dream you are quickly swimming in the pool, this is a sign that you will achieve your goals without much effort. Swimming in the pool indicates the progress in the action. Dream interpretation interprets this dream quite positively and encourages the dreamer to act.

Children in the pool

Burdensome and poorly chosen company. Someone will tire you or bore you a lot.

Swimming pool with a slide

Jealousy and envy towards someone.

People at the pool

Sleep should be interpreted like a swimming pool with children. It indicates a troublesome, troublesome company.

Melt in the pool

Fight and cry for help. Also a warning against risks and misfortune.

Dive in the pool

Fear of the unknown or looking for values. Consider whether you envy others.

Cold water pool

You collide with reality painfully. There may be unpleasantness and the truth that is difficult to accept.

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