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Blood Dream Meaning

When we see blood in a dream, we are always afraid and disgusting. It turns out, however, that blood can have a much richer symbolism than we initially think, and the interpretation of such a dream largely depends on the context in which this symbol appears to us.

od Dream Meaning

You still have a question of how to interpret the blood motif in a dream? Check what the dream book says on this subject.

What does dream of blood mean?

The symbolism of the dream in which we see blood can be very different. On the one hand, blood in a dream signifies vitality and strength, on the other, it is often a harbinger of an impending disease or, like the dream of death, the departure of a loved one.

blood in dream
Blood in dream

In determining the meaning of such a dream motive, it may be helpful to analyze the situation in which blood appeared to us, as well as to what part of the body it concerned. We will interpret a dream differently about a nose bleed differently than about blood that appeared in connection with, for example, a finger cut.

All these details are extremely important for our interpretation of sleep to be correct and applicable to your everyday life. The meaning of dreams can be very different

Blood seen in a dream interpretation usually interprets as a symbol of life energy, vital forces or intense emotions that accompany us every day. At other times, like dreaming about a baby, it may refer to the fertility sphere.

Sometimes a dream in which we see blood may symbolize that in real life you still cannot come to terms with some past situation and you are constantly scratching old wounds. It is possible that it will take a long time to forget about unpleasant events and look to the future with optimism again.

Blood Dream Meaning
Blood Dream Meaning


Bleeding from the nose seen in a dream, unfortunately, does not bode well for us. According to the dream book, it is a harbinger of health problems or big troubles in personal and professional life.

Nasal blood can also be a warning that the condition of our body leaves much to be desired and it is high time to visit a specialist and do preventive examinations. This is a tip to take care of your health. On the other hand, a dream about blood flowing from the body, if the dreaming person is bleeding, it may mean a worse time in her life.

It is possible that emptiness and monotony have crept into your everyday life. The dream interpretation indicates that such a sight of blood in a dream can be a symbol of wasting the opportunities that life brings you, isolating yourself from the world and not wanting to take any action.

On the other hand, this dream may be an indication that it is high time to take your life into your own hands and finally do something that you have been dreaming about for a long time, and which would help you break the gray everyday life.

Blood on my hands

Blood on my hands dream meaning

A dream in which you see blood on your hands may mean that you are caught up in dangerous business or situations that you will find difficult to withdraw from later.

So be careful in the professional sphere, especially when signing new contracts with strangers. Bloody hands can also be a warning of the consequences of your irresponsible behavior.

They can also be a symbol of remorse tormenting you.

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