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Conversation Dream Meaning

This symbol may signify the desire for recognition or the need to do something for society.

To speak in a dream

If you dream that you are talking, it is a warning to be careful with whom and what you are talking about. As the dream book emphasizes, it is also important what someone says, because it may contain hints.

Talk to yourself

If you dream that you are talking to yourself, it means that you are also arguing with yourself in your life. You are unsure of your decisions and personal choices.

Talk to someone

When in a dream you talk to someone, be careful, because you will contribute to a quarrel between friends.


If you are talking to a loved one in a dream, it means that you use the help of others too often and you rely on it. As indicated in the dream book, you will need more independence.

Conversation with a friend

You won’t be able to get a vision, thought or idea out of your mind. You will have to make some important decision about this.

Talk to the priest

When in a dream you talk to a priest, it means that you will take up some fight for your ideals or you will be looking for a deeper meaning in your life.

Talk to a stranger

Talking to a stranger is a bad sign and a warning of a family tragedy.

Talk to animals

When you talk to animals in a dream, it is a sign that you will not trust people or that someone close to you will disappoint you very much.

Hear someone else’s conversation

If you hear someone talking in your dream, something is happening behind your back again, someone wants to remove you from making decisions, you have the right to your own opinion.
When you overhear someone’s conversation in a dream, sometimes it makes sense to be right. The dream book requires you to reach out to someone for consent.

Pleasant conversation

Nice and very pleasant conversation means a good time with beloved friends and family. It will be the relaxation you need.

A strange conversation

Strange or unpleasant conversation signals that if you do not stay calm, there will be an unpleasant exchange of views or even a sharp argument.

Job interview

Interviewing for a job means that you need to become more resistant to the stress and tensions that the environment in the workplace exerts on you.

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