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Grandmother Dream Meaning

Grandparents in a dream are the embodiment of wisdom and life experience. Sometimes a grandmother or grandfather act as advisers and give valuable tips. According to the dream book, grandma means comfort, support or a symbol of warning.

Being old

If we are older people in a dream, we are probably too attached to traditions, habits that limit us.

Get money from grandma

If your grandmother gives you money in a dream is a very good sign. The dream interpretation informs that something unexpected but good will happen. It is possible that someone will reach out to you when you are in need. The money my grandmother gives is also comforting.

Become a grandmother

Unpleasant surprises, unfavorable events.

Being malicious

Sometimes in a dream, older people are malicious, thus warning us against our bad qualities.

To see my grandmother dead

When a deceased grandmother appears in a dream, she is a warning against some misfortune. Dream interpretation warns against making bad decisions.

Sick grandmother

It is a harbinger of problems and worries that you will have to face. Dream interpretation warns of trouble.

Grandma in the hospital

According to the dream book, he foretells troubles that can break you down. If grandma’s condition is not bad, expect only minor difficulties.

See Grandma

When you see your grandmother alive in a dream, it may be sick, weakening your body or signifying unfulfilled ambitions.

Grandma in the kitchen

If a grandmother appears in a dream to cook, it is a sign that you need advice and help from an experienced and wise person. You are faced with a serious decision that will change your entire life so far, you ignore the matters of the heart and relegate it to the background.


If you are walking your grandmother to the train in a dream, it is a sign that you have met someone you care about. Listen to your heart and intuition, do not be afraid of your feelings.

Talk to Grandma

Illness or quarrel.

Arguing with Grandma

Arguing with your grandma means you can give a lot to others, but you don’t always want to.

See my grandma’s portrait

When you see your grandmother’s portrait, it portends death in the family.

Grandma with a child, grandma with a grandson

You will seek help, support and comfort.

Grandma at the window

Loneliness and misunderstanding.

Grandma on a bicycle

You lack the strength to act. You’ll be burned out.

Grandma and grandpa are a symbol of experience and wisdom that will come in handy in the coming days. Sometimes this dream tells you that you will hear of someone dying. For married couples, seeing Grandma and Grandpa asleep encourages them to become more involved in the roles of spouses and parents.

Grandma in a coffin

He warns against bad decisions and misfortune. You will seek support and comfort from someone.

Grandma’s funeral

You will miss a loved one, a friend to whom you entrust your innermost secrets. Sleep brings longing and loneliness.

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