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Libra : September 23 – October 22

Libra is a zodiac sign belonging to the element of air, remaining under the strong influence of the planet Venus, which gives people born between September 23 and October 22 a high emotionality and the need for love, as well as the desire to achieve maximum popularity. The Zodiacal Libra are also confident in their attractiveness; they strive to meet it in all aspects of their lives and – which has to be admitted – they do it quite well.

As objective and cautious people, they are great material for mediators. They always strive for justice; they are often asked for help in solving conflicts or difficult matters because they can objectively look at every situation and find the most accurate, fair solution. But it is not everything!

Characteristics of the Zodiacal Libra

Another important feature of the Zodiacal Libra is that they always want to be in harmony with themselves, strive for inner harmony, and have a great sense of taste and style. All this means that they will be great as decorators, artists, representatives of such fields of art, where the passion for harmony and balance is at the forefront.

As a rule, they are Renaissance people who have extensive knowledge on every subject, although often only superficial, which is useful for their mediation but also makes them excellent companions of conversations, who can get along well with everyone.

Their relatively common problem is narcissism, that can lead to disturbances in the perception of the world and themselves. There may be a dangerous situation when the zodiacal Libra find that there is no need to grow more because they are already a sufficient genius.

It would be best to work on the importance of finding a golden mean and restraint that is very much for them. As they are sometimes a bit lazy, not very hardworking and economical, they should also think about these disadvantages more. They are also noted for their greater self-criticism – the fact that they have broad knowledge does not mean that they are infallible!

Libras are gifted people, they do well in life, mainly because they always assume that “somehow it will be okay”. It would be nice, therefore, to focus a little more on the work, which – if it gives heart, can bring real tangible results and benefits, also financial ones.

An undoubted advantage of Libra is that they are rather calm people and do not fall into conflicts. They also do not like to advocate a party, not to be suspected of partiality, which may also have adverse effects – it is often presumed that the Libra are two-faced and that you cannot rely on them, which is by no means true! People under this sign of the zodiac should, therefore, mainly work on the ability to make decisions that will be useful to them in everyday life.

Libra Woman – character traits

The Libra woman is the quintessence of femininity. She is always confident, aware of her attractiveness, endowed with a sense of style, always elegant, tastefully dressed, and thus catching the attention of men. She has strong ethical ideals which she often tries to implement in spite of her surroundings.

She knows fashion and what cosmetics to choose to highlight her beauty perfectly. She is a well-groomed woman, surrounded by a wreath of devotees who will never allow her to leave the house in careless make-up or a poorly completed outfit.

As a rule, full of grace and beauty, she can be an ideal partner for a sensitive, caring, thoughtful man who will ensure her prosperous life without worries or troubles. Frequently, she sets her love as a priority and strives for it. For a loved one, she can even give up professional promotion.

She will feel best in relationships with rather calm men. Relatives for her are closer acquaintance with Mr Aquarius, Capricorn or Taurus. Blood can be shed when it decides to relate to Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius or Aries – they will say unmatched relationships, full of conflicts, misunderstandings and doubts as to whether they make sense at all.

Male Libra – character traits

The man under the sign of Libra cares – as rare as the representative of the uglier sex – for his appearance. He is always carefully dressed, well-groomed, and is perfectly aware of how to best charm a woman.

He is a very sensual man with representatives of the fairer sex. He pays particular attention to the beauty of women, but their character is important to him. Unfortunately, often – before he settles down with the right woman, he flirts a lot and changes his partners like his gloves.

Male Libra also values ​​a comfortable life, which should be as relaxed and as orderly as possible. He is a bit too hardworking, and sometimes he counts too much on the fact that the money will appear by itself, but when it is necessary, he can get to work. There is a specific risk that in pursuit of wealth and love he will lose his personality and individuality somewhere, so he should work in moderation, which in his case is a very desirable feature.

In a constant relationship where he becomes involved, he surrounds his beloved with warmth, affection and shows off his best, sensitive side.

He will feel great at the side of affectionate partners under the sign of Aquarius, Taurus, and Capricorn. It will be a bit worse if he binds with Mrs Sagittarius, Gemini or Aries – there can be unbearable carnage for each of the parties.

Libra – curiosities

COMPATIBLE SIGNS: Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus

INCOMPATIBLE SIGNS: Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Fish

HAPPY STONE: malachite, amethyst, topaz

COLOURING COLOURS: yellow, blue, green

Employment in which they work best: technology and inventiveness, business, science, education, healthcare, banking, industry, administration.

Libra – detailed horoscope

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