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Flood Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a flood come on can be terrible, most often it means releasing positive energy. As the dream indicates, it can also apply to repressed feelings.

See the flood

When you dream that you are overwhelmed by a flood, it means that you feel weak, you are overwhelmed by emotions. Dream interpretation suggests that you stay calm. You have to breathe and take your distance.

When you see a flood spreading, it means analyzing your own nature. Sometimes this symbol can also indicate depression and alert you to a difficult financial situation.

A flood with cloudy water may indicate a danger. This dream can also mean that your unconscious is threatened with a flood of consciousness, putting your psyche in serious danger. Dream interpretation warns against the onset of psychosis.

Flood wave

High water, flood waves may indicate that you are able to deal with your fears and fears adequately.

See an impending flood

When in a dream you see a flood approaching, nothing will fill the void in your heart. As the dream book suggests, you will have to give yourself time to experience suffering and get used to some loss.

Flood in the room

When you watch the water flowing into the room during a flood, if it is clear, it can mean a visit of an important person or profit, dirty water – a misfortune or a row.


If in a dream you drown during a flood, remember that sometimes chance changes your entire life so far, so do not get too attached to what is now.

To lose everything in the flood

When you lose your possessions in a dream during a flood, enjoy the moment and what you have, and you will be happier in life and avoid unnecessary disappointments.

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