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Colleague Dream Meaning

How to understand the symbol colleague? Important, is what friend is the dream about? Is it a friend from school, a colleague from work, a friend from the yard or maybe a friend from a support group.

Colleague dream meaning

The dream book states that you can struggle with the feeling of loneliness and unhappiness. It is possible that you miss true friendship or love.

What Does Dreaming About Colleague Mean?

A colleague in a dream

If you have a colleague in your dream or talk to him about something, it suggests that you will live in harmony with someone.

Say goodbye to colleague

When you say goodbye to your friend, it bodes up for parting or a change of plans.

Quarrel with colleague

This means conflict in everyday life as well.

Colleague with colleague

Quarrel with a colleague from work

When you argue with a colleague, it means hidden grievances and increased responsibilities. Also expect unexplained situations and understatements.

False colleague

If the mate is false, it is a warning against trouble with people.


When you are gossiping with a friend about something, someone will give you good advice.

Party with a friend

When you laugh, fool around with your friend, you’ll be sad when you are awake.

Colleague from childhood

You are sentimental and you often come back to your memories. It is also possible that you miss a carefree life or you are missing a true friend.

Colleague from childhood


When a colleague helps you or you help a colleague, it means that you will not be left alone while awake and you will be able to count on someone’s support or good advice.

School mate

A schoolmate or a classmate who is appearing in a dream may portend trouble or jealousy over something. The dream interpretation interprets this slogan very differently. Much depends on the accompanying circumstances.

When you kiss a friend, you fall in love with a friend or have sex with him

Sleep means being in a close relationship with that person. You probably have trouble finding the right partner or you are missing something in your current relationship. It happens that this symbol indicates the dreamer’s loneliness and the desire for an intimate encounter. If you are secretly in love with a friend, a dream is a dream of a close relationship with him. Maybe it’s worth taking the first step.

In a dream, a friend you like is the result of long and intense thought and desire to have a relationship with him. It is clear you want affection and interest on his part. A dream may portend you to get closer to that person or to improve your relationship with them.

When a colleague confesses to you love, if you like this person, it means that you subconsciously dream of a close relationship with him. Unfortunately, you still have to wait for some breakthrough. When love is confessed to you by a colleague who you do not like, the dream portends happiness in love.

If a colleague hugs you, it is a clear and direct signal that the dreamer needs tenderness and affection. Probably looking for love in the wrong place.

When you fight with a colleague it means that you will get it sorted quickly, but you may choose the wrong way to get it done.

If a colleague is laughing at you or teasing you, you will be very disappointed with someone. Someone will make you very upset.

When a friend wants to kill or harm you, it bodes problems in interpersonal relationships and you will lose confidence in someone. Suspicion too.

Colleague Dream Meaning
Colleague Dream Meaning


A sick colleague or colleague in the hospital: this means a feeling of abandonment and loneliness, as well as losses and unforeseen situations.

Dead colleague

You remember his death or that you haven’t come to terms with it yet. This symbol also indicates a sudden turn of events or some unexpected event.

A friend with a child

An announcement of joy and sudden events. An unexpected event can be sad or joyful.


This symbol is sometimes a warning against the environment in which we are. Not all people are kind to you. Sleep warns against gossip, malice, resentment and deception. Your attitude towards your work colleague is also important:

A colleague from work you do not like, a dream expresses a dislike for this person. You probably want to keep contacts with her to a minimum.

A colleague you like at work, this symbol means that you will be able to count on someone else’s help or good advice.

Former colleague, for some reason you still remember this person. It is certain that there are some emotions associated with it – negative or positive. Sleep is a warning to properly discharge your responsibilities. It also expresses a longing for what has passed.

An affair with a colleague from work is a reflection of the dreamer’s emotional problems or his instability in feelings, as well as love. Perhaps you are missing something in your current relationship? If you don’t like your colleague and you don’t feel a strong connection with him, sleep is the result of seeing him or her frequently. It may suggest that the dreamer is lonely or that he is dissatisfied with the current relationship.
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