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Meat Dream Meaning

This symbol almost always expresses material, physical and, above all, sexual needs and energy.

Sometimes it can also express the real demand for meat and in this sense it can appear in the dreams of dieters or vegetarians.

It is of great importance whether the meat in a dream is raw, boiled or baked. It can also foreshadow good food or a party.

The dream book also emphasizes the importance of your perception of meat, but even vegetarians can have positive dreams about it. The accompanying circumstances are also important.

What Does Dreaming About Meat Mean?

Aversion to meat

If you feel disgusted with meat, it indicates a refusal to meet your sexual needs and self-loathing. Dream interpretation also indicates abstinence and reluctance or lack of sex.

Meat Dream Meaning
Meat Dream Meaning

Willingness to eat meat

A strong craving for meat is a sign that you need to fulfill your sexual needs better.


Trading raw meat means passion, strength and power, or the wishes of these traits.

Preparation of meat

If you prepare tasty meat, it means you have the ability to experience refined pleasures. The dream interpretation suggests that you should restrain yourself a bit if you do not want to pass for a snob.

Eat meat

When you dream that you feel very hungry or have an appetite for meat, it means that you are driven by a strong desire.
If you eat meat, it means that you are missing the essentials of your life, or are too short to appreciate it.

Rotten meat

Rotten meat foretells you harm and disease. It also means complications of a personal nature.

Chicken meat

Chicken meat seen in a dream promises you good luck on the road and a long, extremely interesting journey.

Beef meat

It signals that you will have to work very hard for your success. Thanks to this, you will prove to everyone what you can do.

Meat with worms

signals that there are people in your close vicinity who do not wish you well, so it is better to keep your distance from them.

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