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Ring Dream Meaning


The meaning of the ring in a dream depends on what it is and what function it performs.

ring dream

What Does Dreaming About Ring Mean?

Engagement ring

When an engagement ring appears in a dream, it announces that you will fall in love or marry in front of you. It means happiness in love.

Gold ring

When you see a gold ring in a dream, this portends family happiness. The dream interpretation suggests good relations with loved ones.

New ring

If you buy a ring in a dream, it reveals that you will manage to win the love of the person you love.

Ring on the finger

When you wear a ring in your dream, the business that you take care of will bring you profits and a good financial situation.

Lost ring

When you dream that you are losing a ring, you are in for trouble with a friend or relative.

lost ring dream

A ring found

When you find a ring in your dream, it portends an unexpected feeling that will turn your life upside down.

If you dream about getting a ring from someone, as the dream book assures, it portends happiness.

Get a ring

When in a dream you give someone a ring, it means that you will make peace with someone with whom you have been in dispute.

Take someone’s ring

When you take a ring from someone, you have an argument with your loved one.

When a ring breaks in your dream, it portends parting and suffering.

Ring Dream Meaning
Ring Dream Meaning

Destroy the ring

If a silver ring appears in your dreams, it means that you are going into a fleeting, casual romance or a short erotic adventure. Such a dream can mean betrayal.

A gold-plated ring indicates that your happiness will turn out to be illusory and will pass quickly.

Seen in a dream, a diamond ring means that you will be successful in financial and social affairs. Such a ring tells you your prestige.

When in a dream you see a diamond ring, this is a sign, you will acquire wealth that you previously envied others.

A sapphire ring signals some mysterious relationship.

Pearl means tears and sadness.

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