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Clothes Dream Meaning

Clothing means trying to hide something. It can also mean relaxation and a calm mood, but a lot depends on the nature of the dream. The dream interpretation requires you to focus on yourself in understanding this dream.

Give back clothes

When you give clothes to another person, it means you are offering them protection. The clothes you wear represent safety and satisfaction. As the dream book suggests, it can also be a clue about your sexuality and relationships with people.

See the wardrobe

If in a dream you see a full wardrobe of clothes, it bodes well for you and a bright future. You will be successful in life.

Clothes on a rack

Clothes on hangers signal that you will be able to overcome problems and survive many oppressions. The dream interpretation says that you will have more luck than sense.

Torn clothing

Torn clothes in our dreams can mean big losses, while if the clothes can be repaired, it means quick compensation for losses.

Choose clothes

If in a dream you pay attention to your clothes, it means that problems await you.

Old clothes

A dream in which unfashionable clothes appear promises that if you only work hard, you will not face any poverty.

A lot of clothes

If you have a lot of clothes in your dream, it means that you are in for a sudden, unexpected happiness.

Nice clothes

A dream in which nice clothes appear means that even if you are not lucky in love now, it does not mean that in the future you will not meet someone important.

Dress up

If you dress in any clothes or clothes in a dream, it means that you will have a social success.

Children’s clothes

A dream about children’s clothes means malice. As the dream book suggests, it will not be a problem for you if you stay calm.

Torn clothes

Moth-bitten clothes signal that a loved one has problems, but you cannot help him.
Torn clothes mean you will have new, elegant clothes.

Dirty clothes

Dirty clothes announce that your action will end in failure. If ordinary clothes are worn in a dream, appropriate for the season, sleep is good for everyone and bodes well for everyone.

New clothes

Dreaming about new clothes is bad only for someone who is planning big changes.

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