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Sea Dream Meaning

When the sea appears in your dream, it is a sign that something special is going to happen. Dream interpretation suggests that you already start getting ready for the upcoming changes.

To see the calm sea

If in a dream you are looking at a calm sea, you will have a good time in life. The dream interpretation indicates that even if you are not happy now, your life will change for the better.

Rough sea

When the sea is rough, you have a turbulent life ahead of you and a hard fight for something. As stated in the dream book, only persistence can make your dreams come true and make your plans come true.

Swim in the sea

When you bathe in the sea, there will be an opportunity to rest from your problems for a while.


If you fall into the sea in a dream, problems await you. Stay calm and gather strength to fight adversity.

Drown in the sea

When you drown in the sea it is a misfortune of your own stupidity. It also means saving from life’s problems.

Go to sea or on the sea

Sleep encourages you to take risks. As the dream book says, a good time will come not to lose, but to gain.

See a ship or a ship at sea

When you see a ship or a ship at sea, you don’t have to give up your plans, just think carefully.

See a pirate ship

If you see a pirate ship, the dream suggests that with great effort you will achieve your goal. Be patient.

Walk along the seashore

If you walk along the seashore, a dream expresses longing and nostalgia. It also means a new stage in life.

Naval battle

When you see a sea battle, you will be happy with the business.

See the waves in the sea

Waves at sea are a symbol of something new in life, some adventure, or a new stage in life.

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