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Hand Dream Meaning

The hand in a dream means life and vital energy. And the loss of an arm or hands means limitations in the scope of activity or some abilities. It is important whether the hands from sleep are dirty or clean?

Hands are often dreamed of in filth and according to the dream, they mean greed or financial injection depending on whether it is human or animal excrement.

Hold someone’s hand

Holding someone’s hand means amicable relations.

When you dream that someone is holding your hand, it means that someone is influencing you and you should not let them abuse it.

If you are holding someone’s hand, it is a sign that you need help and advice, or are influenced by others.

Dirty hands

This is a sign that you are in touch with people you need to be careful about. You may also feel embroiled in bad things. Sometimes the symbol also signifies that you are misbehaving or thinking wrong about something. Dirty hands also mean slander and gossip.

Be wounded

If you dream that you have been injured in your hand or bitten by a dog, it is a sign that you are unable to act in life.

Big hand

A signal for you to develop more energy and thanks to that you will achieve your goals.

Little hand

According to the dream book, it indicates a lack of initiative and energy, which leads you to failure and disappointment.

A weak hand

It means your weaknesses and lack of energy, sometimes also reserve.

White hand

It means a change of respect.


It means great trust and loyalty, which mainly applies to interpersonal contacts.

Hand washing

It means you feel innocent and want to whiten yourself from suspicion. It may also indicate a desire for greater respect.

Hands in the feces

When your hands are in the excrement in your sleep. When it is human waste, the dream book portends greed or envy. When it is animal excrement, it bodes well for a financial boost or good business.

Strongly hairy hands

They mean worry and loss. Dream interpretation warns against suspicious interests.

Burned or injured hand

It alerts you to threats that you cannot yet accurately estimate.

Blood on my hands

It has to do with your guilt.

Hands in front of your eyes

If you have your hands in front of your eyes, it alerts you to unrealistic expectations and hopes, and signals that you are closing your eyes to facts.

Caress someone else’s hand

When you dream that you are stroking someone’s hand, it is a sign that that person is of great importance to you.

To be kissed on the hand

When you dream that someone is kissing your hand, it means that someone wants to please you.

Kiss someone on the hand

When you kiss someone’s hand, it is a warning to you against cheating others.

Hand fight

It means you feel helpless and cannot see the course of action, so you need advice.

A neat hand

It means that your life should take a special direction.

Tanned hand

This is a sign that you should take a different path in life.

No hand

When you see that you don’t have a hand it is a symbol of helplessness and limitations. Sleep also indicates your friend’s unfaithfulness and may foreshadow your life in solitude. A severed hand also signals that others do not understand your views and feelings.

Broken arm

It foretells failures, mistakes and unpleasantness.

Injured hand

It advises you to be careful in achieving your goal. It is necessary to avoid evil deeds and unclean acts.

Dead man’s hand

It means powerlessness and reluctance to act.

Gods’ hand

Seeking help, support, good advice or a way of life. This dream is usually dreamed by people who are deeply religious or have some dilemmas.

Hand on the knee

It foretells a fleeting romance or infatuation.

Cold hands

Signify emotional coolness and distance.

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