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Stairs Dream Meaning

stairs dream meaning

What Does Dreaming About Stairs Mean?

Run up the stairs

If you run for them, it is a sign that certain news will spoil your good mood. Running up the stairs is also a passion for action.

Walk down the stairs

If you go downhill, it means you will be a welcome guest with someone who will invite you soon.

Downstairs can mean dropping out and falling in shape. They also predict temporary troubles. Going down also signifies giving up any plans.

Sit on the stairs

Sitting on the stairs in a dream augurs a positive change in your situation.

Falling down the stairs

You will regain a good reputation. It can be a signal of an impending failure or a difficult confrontation with reality.

falling down the stairs

Stairway to Heaven

Symbol of the road and life. They express a desire to meet goals and desires, and portend a great opportunity that is soon to come. It happens that they also mean some important event.

Basement stairs

Going back to bad things and negative memories. They symbolize a return to a troubled past. Sometimes a dream augurs temporary health problems that will affect the legs.

Winding stairs

They mean secrets and lies. They also symbolize the difficult path to success.

Steep stairs

Very steep stairs bode great hardships and adversities, and a distant goal. Point to measure forces against intentions.

Stairs in the church

They can be a temporary decline in faith or a search for understanding and support.

Staircase to the attic

They mean the search for truth or love adventures.

When choosing an elevator over stairs, the suggestion is that you will take the easy steps in life.

staircase to the attic dream

The golden stairs

They can mean death, but in a metaphorical sense.

Wooden stairs

You will miss some trouble. It is possible that you will avoid an argument or a tense situation.

Stone stairs

It is a symbol of effort and success paid for with hard work. Stone stairs dream of exceptional people. Strong, smart and clever. All these features allow you to achieve great success, but you can’t give up.

Metal stairs

Sleep means staying in resolution. It also points out some limitations that you can overcome. Sometimes the metal stairs symbolize the difficult character of the dreamer and problems in human relationships, including emotional relationships.

Stairs Dream Meaning
Stairs Dream Meaning

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