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Train Dream Meaning


The train is one of the most important dream symbols, reflecting above all attitudes to life, experiences, motivations, values ​​and goals.

train dream symbol

As the dream book suggests, you will have to focus on getting to know yourself better.

Dream interpretation train

When you see a speeding train in a dream, it portends a change. The dream interpretation says that it is possible that you will take up a challenge that will exceed you.

Speeding train

When in a dream you see a train standing without tracks, you are inventive and like to experiment in the sphere of eroticism.

speeding train

Standing train

If in a dream you see a train standing on the tracks, it means that you are waiting for discontent, a delay in your plans.

When in your dream the train is standing at the station, the next time will not be for you.

Late train

When you dream that your train is late, you long for deep feelings.

late train dream meaning

What Does Dreaming About Train Mean?

Follow the train

When in your dream you run after a departing train, it symbolizes your longing for your absent or emotionally distant father.

Dream interpretation indicates here the grief after his loss.

Cargo train

When you see a freight train in a dream, sometimes things don’t start well, but ends well.
If in your dream the train is full of goods, this portends good luck and success.

When you see in a dream that the train carriages are empty, failures, worries and losses await you.

When the train is derailed, watch out, a dangerous adventure awaits you.

Train Dream Meaning
Train Dream Meaning

Empty train

When you see in a dream that the train carriages are empty, failures, worries and losses await you.

An empty train with no passengers is the wrong signal. This dream may suggest that you have problems with your contacts with loved ones and with your family.

The dream interpretation suggests in this case that you do not get along with them and that you feel lonely and abandoned.

Riding a train in a sleeping car tells you that you have more sexual needs than you think and you are not fully aware of them.

Get on the train

You tend to waste money.

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