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Fire Dream Meaning

Fire is a symbol of respect. Fire seen in a dream means enlightenment because it is the beginning of human culture, it also has a religious meaning as a fire burning on an altar. The dream book also indicates life, emotions, action, warmth, cheerfulness and dreams.

When you see fire in a dream, it means that you are consciously generating energy.
A dream about lighting a fire should be interpreted as a good omen and a portent of great happiness in love. As the dream book suggests, it is a good omen, especially for singles.

Fire without sparks

It means that you are in good mental and physical condition.

Dance around the fire

If you dance around the fire, it portends you happy events, especially in love.

See someone on fire

When you see someone on fire, it is a warning to you that your goals are threatening.

See a big fire

It can mean the final decision in love, for example.

Fear of fire

It means absolute devotion.

The joy of fire

It means wanting absolute devotion.

The proximity of the fire

Indicates extreme feelings. The dream interpretation suggests that you may feel confusion.

Fire spreading

Indicates destructive tendencies or danger.

Fire in the house

It means basic changes in life.

Fire in a house with a bright flame

It means positive changes in life.

A fire in a house with dark smoke

It means negative changes in life.

A little fire

It may mean that you are happy with your personal life.

A fireplace with fire

This is a sign that you will enjoy a carefree, quiet time in your life.

Fire extinguishing

It can be read as a struggle with adversities. It is possible that thanks to your courage and perseverance you will be able to overcome any crisis.

Go to fire

When you dream that you are going to the fire, it is a sign that your health is threatened by serious diseases. It can also mean getting rid of any hope or guilt.

The combination of water and fire

Indicates strong emotions. It may mean that you will have mixed feelings about a person or matter.

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