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Cry Dream Meaning

This symbol may indicate uncontrolled feelings or pain. If you dream that you are crying, it always means fatigue or remorse. The type of cry is important, for example, whether it is a soft cry or a cry so strong that it wakes you up.

Loud cry

He warns of hypocrisy. Besides, crying can be a reason for joy in the monotony of everyday life.

Cry for no reason

When you dream that you are crying for no reason, as suggested in the dream interpretation, it may mean that you are sad and worried.

Cry for a dead person

If you are crying for a dead person, it means you are feeling bad. The dream interpretation says that some of your thoughts are encoded in your subconscious.

A dream in which you cry

If you cry in a dream, you will have reason to be happy.

See someone cry

When you see other people cry, it portends betrayal, abandonment, and family trouble.

The child who cries

Parents often have such a dream. It can mean worry or troubles, especially educational problems.

A mother who cries

A crying mother seen in a dream foretells problems in her working life or problems in the family.

The father who cries

Resolution of all disputes, disputes and disagreements. You will eventually reach a compromise.

The crying girl

It portends a faithful, lasting and honest relationship. Lucky sign in love.

Someone is crying because of you

When you make someone cry in a dream, you cannot admit that you were wrong.

The dead person is crying

When you see a dead person cry, it is a warning that your actions are dangerous.

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