Despite the fact that we refer to weekly, monthly or partner horoscope almost everyday, we usually don’t know what they really are, what their origin is, and how long their history is.

We often wonder about their reliability, variety, how to chose and interpret them, what to pay a special attention to while reading them and choosing advices to follow…

And there’s a lot to chose from- daily, weekly, monthly horoscope, as well as horoscope for partners, love horoscope, birth horoscope, and the Chinese ones.

Read horoscope for your zodiac sign

  • Aries : March 21 – April 19
  • Taurus : April 20 – May 20
  • Gemini : May 21 – June 20
  • Cancer : June 21 – July 22
  • Leo : July 23 – August 22
  • Virgo : August 23 – September 22
  • Libra : September 23 – October 22
  • Scorpio : October 23 – November 21
  • Sagittarius : November 22 – December 21
  • Capricorn : December 22 – January 19
  • Aquarius : January 20 – February 18
  • Pisces : February 19 – March 20

A handful of information about horoscope

What is worth knowing about horoscope? The word horoscope is derived from Greek words meaning “a look at the hours”. It’s the main tool used in astrology, with similarly long history, reaching 5000 years in the past. It is based on watching the positions of of the actual planets, which are believed to be able to affect our everyday life and to change the course of events of our fate. Usually, astrologers create and draw general astrological charts, assigned to a specific group of people, basing on the signs of the zodiac.

Horoscope 2024

Check your horoscope for 2024

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Types of horoscopes

What is important, we distinguish a lot of various types of horoscopes, and each of them is able to give us an important and sometimes fascinating information about ourselves, our relations with others, our predispositions to different activities in a specific moment, or even a day or an hour. Thanks to horoscope, we may find out which signs of the zodiac are the good life or business partners for us, and which we should rather avoid, how and when to plan holidays, what to pay a special attention to on a specific day, etc.

Birth horoscope – zodiac signs

Also called cosmograms or radixes. They are a presentation of our person from the astrological point of view, they tell a lot about our health, predispositions, weaknesses or talents, they help us find the sense of life, indicate the paths we should follow.

Partner horoscope

Also called comparison horoscopes. Preparing such a horoscope, two or more individual horoscopes are analyzed to estimate the mutual influence and characters of specific people, to make them know each other better.

Question horoscope

Also called horary horoscopes. An astrologer answers the questions he is asked.

Event horoscopes

Also called elective horoscopes. They advise what day to plan an important event on or when to begin specific activities, such as getting married, buying or selling a car, registering a company, etc.

Prognostic horoscopes

These are a prognosis for a specific period- for example, a week, month or holidays. To create such a horoscopes, we need to use the date, hour and place of our birth, as well as the place where we are going to be at the time included in the prognosis.

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To believe, or not to believe?

Is it possible that the set of  planets really influence our life? How to treat horoscope and other prophecies? It depends only on ourselves. It is a matter of fact that a lot of horoscope prophesies fulfill, because they are written not entirely clearly, they don’t specify what is supposed to happen in the future, and it usually happens anyway. How we are going to treat horoscopes is our individual matter.

A lot of people treats horoscope as a superstition or black magic, which, because of being a believer, shouldn’t be practiced. It is only God who can make our future and be able to change it. Believing in horoscopes would underestimate the faith in God. However, there are people who like to follow in their lives something which makes them feel more confident. That is why they believe in various prophesies and horoscope. It somehow makes them sure that they act as the Mother Nature wants them to, and gives them the sense of safety- if they follow a piece of advice from a prophecy, nothing wrong will happen.

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Horoscopes are not only supposed to inanely foretell the future, but they also help people who believe in them lead their lives. A professional horoscope tells about how we manage the game against our fate, indicates our advantages and clearly describes what we should learn. The quality of a horoscope can be assessed only after few days, so we have to just believe it and take the actions.

All of the above make a horoscope a very individual matter and it’s only up to us whether we are going to adjust our acts to it, to treat is as a form of relax before sleeping, or just ignore it completely. For many, horoscopes are not fun, but a way of living. Astrologers and fortune tellers- they all love it and are fascinated by horoscopes, and thanks to the others who believe in in- they earn their livings doing it! Astrology is a highly developed field of science, which is not accessible for everyone, as not everyone feels created to do this.

If you are searching for wisdom and answers to the questions why it is happening like that and not in a different way, you should visit an esoteric astrologer, who will not only tell you the future, but also explain everything.

A horoscope is only a tool which portraits what we were and are like, and what we should become.

What is horoscope?

In easy words we can say that Horoscope is the forecast of person’s future about upcoming events like career, relationships, friendships and other social life etc. By knowing the positions of planets, sun and moon at the time of the Birth. To know about your horoscope firstly you have to know about your zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are based upon the table named astronomical ephemeris from which astrologists know that which energies are in work at that time.

Zodiac signs

There are 12 types of zodiac signs on which the horoscope of the person’s depends and these 12 signs are based upon the four elements air. Fire, earth and water. Let’s discuss about the different zodiac signs :


Aries are considered those whose date of birth come between March21-April19. Aries represents the fire element. As fire represents the temperature. So Aries are passionate, dynamic and temperamental by nature.

They get angry quickly but they also forgive easily. Due to the fire element they are adventurous and confident. But they are self centred also.


From April 20-May 20 born people shows Taurus sign. Taurus are of earth element. So these people are practical in life. They are loyal and stable and they didn’t leave anyone in hard times. These people are sometimes oversensitive but they are dependable and strong.


Gemini :- May 21-June 20 people are Gemini’s. As they have air signs. So they are friendly with others.

They love philosophical discussions. They are communicative but they are changeable, inconsistent and superficial by nature.


June 21-July 22 people are of zodiac sign. They shows the characters of the water element. So they are very emotional and ultra-sensitive . But they are also highly intuitive.

Due to water element they are Moody and hesitant. But they are also very devoted and compassionate.


July 23-August 22 time period represents Leo sign. As they are of fire element. So they are of fire element. So they are very adventurous with immense energy. They are physically very strong.

Due to the fire they are also very vibrant, egoistical and possessive.


The time period of August 23– September 22 shows the Virgo sign. They have earth signs. So they are connected to material reality.

They are mostly conservative and judgemental in life. But they are also patient and dependable.


These are the people from September 23- October 22. Liberian’s have air sign.

So they love social gatherings and good books. They are very charming and loving. But they are also indecisive and lazy.


From October 23- November 21 born people come under this sign. They have water sign. Scorpions are very passionate and charismatic.

Scorpions rarely do anything due to water sign openly but they are always support their loved ones.


November 22- December 21 shows the Sagittarius sign. They have the fire elements.

Due to the fire sign they are blunt and restless. But they are also gregarious and social able


They are the people born from December 22- January 19. They belong to earth sign.

So they are down to earth. They are wilful, serious and rigid type personality. But they are also demanding.


People born between January 20- February 18 come under this sign. Aquarius people have more air element. And air element represents that they are social and rational.

Aquarius are intelligent and Humanitarian by nature. But also they are unconventional and non-committal.


This sign represents the people who born between February 19- March 20. They have the water sign. They are very romantic, imaginative and wishful in life. But they are also little bit illusional.

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