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Sex Dream Meaning

A dream about sex reflects current and pleasant life experiences, a relationship, or strong emotions.

Better look at the characteristics of the partner you are having intercourse with. It is also worth emphasizing that the world of dreams about the sexual color of women is completely different than that of men.

Sex Dream Meaning
Sex Dream Meaning

If you want to know what will happen to you in life, be sure to learn what your dream means. Thanks to this you will know how your fate will turn out.

Did you have a dream that you were having sex? If so, it means that what is most important in your life now is what is related to your intimate and subconscious needs.

The dream interpretation also says that sex in a dream is a symbol of our hidden nature.

What Does Dreaming About Sex Mean?

It also turns out that if you had sex in a dream, that dream revealed to us what we really longed for.


Blind lust or a short love adventure can lead you to risky and dangerous ventures.

Interrupted intercourse

Sleep is a sign of a disturbance in life or a failure in interpersonal relationships.

Sex in public

Some mysterious aspects of your personal life will be discovered by others.

Sex with a friend

You still discover enthusiasm and keep trying new things.

Sex with someone other than your spouse or partner

Innocent fantasy or dissatisfaction with the current sexual sphere of the relationship will slightly spoil the relationship between the partners.

Sex with a star, famous figure

Success and recognition will turn your head.

Sex with an ex-partner

Returning to old feelings will be a great experience for you; alternatively, the dream may also be an expression of the emotions felt about starting a new relationship.

Sex with a stranger

Fear of the future can ruin your plans. You need closeness, and in dreams you can find a clue on how to achieve what you need.

If you are heterosexual and dream of having sex with a person of the same sex, you accept more and more yourself and the situation you are in.

Sex with a friend

You will bring some project to a happy end.

Sex with multiple partners at the same time

Routine in sexual life or the belief that you have no emotions and passion in this area will start to bother you a lot.

Sex with a person of the same sex

If in a dream you had sex with a person of the same sex, it is information about your hidden needs – such as tenderness or, for example, spontaneity in feelings.

Sex with a family member

Dreaming of having sex with a relative shows that you are dissatisfied with your relationship with your loved ones.

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