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Tree Dream Meaning

A tree is an important symbol in a dream. It promises an improvement in existence and recovery.

It also all depends on the condition of the dream tree. Is the tree broken or beautiful and blooming?

It is most preferably green, covered with flowers or fruit.

What Does Dreaming About Tree Mean?

Pick fruit from it

Adventure or hidden desires.

Climb the tree to the very top

You will achieve stabilization.

Fall from the tree

You will be exposed to ridicule.

A dried up tree

defeat and worries.

Shake the tree

Happiness, success.

Fruit tree

Good prospects for the future. You have faithful friends around you. Sleep means peace, harmony, health and rest.

Flowering tree

If the tree you see is large and blooming, this will most often indicate your talent and abilities.
A flowering tree also means great happiness. This symbol brings peace to the dreamer’s life.

Tree Dream Meaning
Tree Dream Meaning

Sit under a tree

Good news.

Sit in the tree

Business failure.

Leaning tree

You are tired, you work too much, you need to rest.

A burning tree

Huge losses.

Dry tree


To carry wood

Material losses.

Buy wood

Problems, also financial.

Green tree

Pleasant moments.

Sit by the tree


Felled tree

Material losses, lost hopes.

Chop a tree

You will lose your fortune.

Burn the tree

Sadness, failure, goodbye.

See one tree

A state of general physical and mental balance that is always inseparable in sleep.

A tree that is sick

The beginning of the disease or neurosis; the threat of serious trouble that will cause weakness; aging.

Tree without leaves

Broken branches can represent an accident risk.

Sick leaves on the tree

Skin diseases.

To plant a tree

Create something, be pregnant.

Fallen tree

  • if you crush you, it bodes a decline in vitality, failure and failure There is also a risk of illness or mental breakdown.
  • if you are not overwhelmed, it is a way out of problems.

Broken tree

A symbol of troubles, difficulties and poor emotional state. Achieving the goal will not be easy.

broken tree

A tree uprooted means uncertainty and instability in life. Sometimes it portends illness or a deterioration in relations with loved ones.

A family tree seen in a dream augurs family responsibilities.

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