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Egg Dream Meaning

The egg is an ancient symbol of humanity, the potential and the opportunities that the future will bring. The dream interpretation reveals that the egg indicates natural abilities that you have not developed well yet. The egg is a symbol of life, fertility, rebirth and change.

You see or hold the egg in your hand

It is a harbinger of harmony and harmony in the hearth.

Find the egg

It is an announcement of a lasting relationship or an engagement or wedding among single people.

The egg that the hen lays

You will get some good news soon.

Eat the egg

Your financial situation will improve significantly. Dream interpretation connects this symbol with financial inflow.

Colorful egg

A misfortune awaits you, e.g. red: death of a loved one or a conflict with a friend, yellow: serious illness.

Fried egg

It expresses the need for life changes. It may be about work or setting a life goal. Dream interpretation encourages you to develop and broaden your horizons, which will bring you closer to a more comfortable and happy life.

Break the egg

It is a harbinger of an unsuccessful pregnancy or the failure of some ambitious project.

To see them crash

You will fall out with people you love, most often as a result of some rumor.

Rotten egg

Problems with children, uncertain future.

See the chick hatching

A preview of a happy family event that will improve the home atmosphere. Dream interpretation interprets this symbol very positively.

Throwing rotten eggs at someone

You will hurt someone and they may take revenge on you. If you are throwing eggs yourself, it is a warning that someone will want to harm you.

Egg dish

Soon you will have the opportunity to meet an interesting man. You should use it.

Egg shells

You will suffer. It may also indicate that a situation must break through into your consciousness more, and then you will deal with it better.

Spoiled egg dishes

An announcement of a serious family quarrel.

Buy eggs

Significant financial benefits await you in the near future.

Boiled eggs

Joy will soon come into your life. Also prepare for change.

A sacred egg

Sleep means dangers.

Egg white

Keep an eye on expenses and finances and there is a chance to increase your assets.

Egg yolk

It stands for creativity and vitality. You may receive a gift.

Get the eggs

A sign that you will make a profit. Also an announcement of a new stage in life or upcoming support.

Easter eggs

Happiness and profit. This symbol also signifies victory and a faithful companion.

Broken eggs

You will suffer by your own decisions or moves. Be careful with your life, because it’s not difficult to make a mistake.

Egg with two yolks

Double happiness or double trouble.

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