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Friend Dream Meaning

A dream may relate to your friend in real life or reflect what friendship means to you, such as security, support or love.

friend dream symbol

A dream friend or friend may signify your attitude towards them or signify some part of your personality that you need to carefully check and understand in order to get right with it.

Dream interpretation explains exactly what this motive means in a dream.

What Does Dreaming About Friend Mean?

New friend

It may portend victory and success. In addition, the accompanying circumstances are important.

See a friend

When you see a friend, the dream book promises you happy events in the coming time.

see a friend

Meeting a friend

Meeting a friend warns you against rash action.

Do something with a friend

When you dream that you are doing something with a friend, it means that you have problems in interpersonal relationships.


The help of a friend, friend, according to the dream book, announces that you will receive help from outside.


A deceased friend announces that you will quickly receive important, useful messages that will pleasantly surprise you.

A group of friends

Having a few friends is a sign that you should be more outgoing or spend more time with a loved one.

a group of friends dream

An old friend

A friend from the old days means you are sentimental and you like to come back to memories – both pleasant and less pleasant. Sometimes it also means that you lack true friendship or miss a carefree, childish life.

Live with a friend

When you dream that you are living with a friend or girlfriend, it means that you feel lonely and abandoned, and you miss company.

Laugh together with your friend

It means the imminent parting with him.


When in a dream you see a crying friend, it portends professional failures.


When in a dream you quarrel with a friend, this is a sign of a friend’s infidelity. It is also a sign that you are disagreeing with something while you are awake.


When you dream of a worried, sad friend, it portends sadness.


When you help a friend in your dream, you yourself will receive help in difficult times.

Have a friend

If you dream that you have a friend, someone will reveal your secrets.

Friend Dream Meaning
Friend Dream Meaning


When in a dream you visit or meet a friend, it portends joy.


When you say goodbye to your friend in a dream, say goodbye to your friend, be careful, because you will lose your fortune.

Love for a friend and a friend’s kiss

If you have a crush on a friend, then this is a dream of a relationship with him. If the relationship with that person is purely friendly, the dream expresses a close and intimate relationship with that person. It is important to you for some reason. Perhaps you are missing something in your current romantic relationship or you have trouble finding a partner and feel lonely. A confession of love by a close friend usually augurs success in matters of the heart in real life.

Friend at the hospital

It means unforeseen situations and a feeling of loneliness and incomprehension. Sometimes a dream augurs quarrels with that person.

Friend in distress

It is the fear of losing some person’s favor. This symbol can also express competition among friends.

A friend in a relationship

You will have a hard time enjoying the happiness of other people.

Your partner’s friend

Sleep suggests that your relationship may not survive. Expect arguments, lies, and understatements. It is possible that the partner has a crush on someone else.

Pregnant friend

The dream interpretation says that this is quite an unpleasant sign. It portends a disappointment in the relationship or some crisis that needs to be quickly averted so that it does not turn into something more serious. If you are a single person, a pregnant friend seen in a dream informs you that you will have to wait a long time for great and true love. Sometimes a dream means you will have a long and healthy life and a close relationship with a friend.

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