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Horse Dream Meaning

What Does Dreaming About Horse Mean?

A horse in a dream

It symbolizes power, endurance and sexual performance, as well as strength and physical energy.

It symbolizes female nature, sensuality and harmony. Sometimes a dream also portends the arrangement of matters related to personal and spiritual life.

Seen in the yard or in the meadow

You will become more independent.

Spotting the stable

It means prosperity and abundance.

Horse in harness without rider

It promises a rich professional career.

Horse in a harness with a rider

Your professional situation is at risk, you may even be dismissed.

Herd of horses

Negative symbol; your enemies will triumph, use important knowledge against you.

A herd of wild horses

Heralds a sense of freedom, lack of responsibility and duty.

See a dead horse

Something that gave you strength and drove you to act will suddenly disappear from the horizon.

Black Horse

You will solve the mystery.

White horse

It means prosperity for a long time.

Horseback riding

You will achieve your goal in tricky ways.

Ride a restless horse

You will achieve success and happiness, but only after much hardship.

I tried unsuccessfully to ride the horse

You will get carried away.

See him walk by

Your life will be put in danger.

Be thrown off the horse

You will be forced to choose between your ambitions and your personal and family life.

Give up and succumb to him

You will not achieve your goal.

A trained horse

You tirelessly pursue your goals.

Rearing up

You will receive great honor.

Horse breaking out

Sleep warns you of the dangers ahead.

Wild Horse

Serious trouble foretold.

Own horse

Happiness and prosperity.

Speeding horses

Bad trailer; symbol of death.

Grazing horses

Peaceful life, without sorrow and worry.

To fall of the horse

You will experience a lot of unpleasantness.

See a horse pulling a cart

A sign of a life filled with hard work and many hardships that will someday be rewarded.

A scared horse

It means problems.

See someone buy a horse

You will hold a high position.

See someone fall off their horse

Difficult experiences.

To lead the horse by the bridle

You will make a decision based on your own thoughts.

Horse Dream Meaning
Horse Dream Meaning

Stroke the horse

Do everything carefully and without emotion and things will turn out well.

Horse breaking out

You will achieve success and happiness, but only after much hardship.

Feed him with bread

You have faithful and devoted friends.

Rocking horse

Consolation from children.

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