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Mother Dream Meaning

In specific cases, this symbol may indicate a relationship with one’s mother and mean, for example, that problems need to be processed.

As indicated in the dream book, mother generally symbolizes women. In dreams, it usually means dreams that depended on the mother in childhood.

mother dream meaning

What Does Dreaming About Mother Mean?

Although the mother is a caring being, she may also have another, threatening, devouring and demanding aspect in her dream.

Own mother – dream meaning

The dream interpretation signals that the childhood experience related to the mother always determines the behavior in later relationships and relationships.

If your mother appears in your dream, it could mean that you do not have independence. In addition, the dream book contains information that the mother also symbolizes the unconscious image of an ideal relationship between a woman and a man.

own mother dream

Dead mother

The deceased mother foretells us serious troubles and moral problems. You will face a difficult choice that will be a problem. Such a dream can also portend the departure of a loved one.

Dead while awake, but living in a dream mother signifies conscience, which in real life is at rest.

The mother can also symbolize fertility.

Hear mom’s voice

Do not neglect your home and loved ones.

To see your mother cry


Mother Dream Meaning
Mother Dream Meaning

Quarrel with mother

It’s high time you started making your own decisions.

Live with my mother

Prosperity and great well-being.

Cuddle up to mom

Don’t be shy to show your affection and appreciation

To lose her while she is still alive

You have remorse.

Your own mother in your home environment promises satisfactory results for all your endeavors.

Kiss the mother

Success in business. You can also count on the love and support of your loved ones.

Hear your mother scream

A sign that you are neglecting your responsibilities and that you are acting inappropriately.

Talk to your mother dream meaning

Your plan will be successful or that you will soon receive good news on matters that are very close to your heart.

talk to your mother dream

When you hear your mother’s painful scream

An announcement of illness or a threat to you.

To see my mother die

Regret for the news of someone’s death or for disgrace.

A dream about a dead mother

Warns you of something.

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