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Window Dream Meaning

The window shows how you evaluate your social environment and how you evaluate reality.

window dream

The window is a symbol of home and family.

What Does Dreaming About Window Mean?

Look out the window

This is a sign that you are an extrovert.

Look through the window inside

When you dream that you are looking inward through the window, it is a sign that you are closed in on yourself.

Open the window

Opening a window means that you express your feelings or express your attitude towards other people’s opinions. Perhaps soon you will open up to something or someone.

Insert a window

Breaking the wall into windows or glass doors may indicate your first sexual experience.

The window is open

When you see an open window in a dream, you will be satisfied with your life.

window is open

The window is ajar

It alludes to your secretive or shy nature.

Enter through the window

If you enter a room through a window, it is a sign that you are in for a business failure.

Go out the window

If you go out the window, it bodes you for loss of property.

Closed window

A dream in which you see a closed window is a sign that you may be gossiped about. Also a signal that you have limited options.

Stand or sit in the window

If you are standing in a dream or sitting at the window, it means that you may have professional problems.

A window with a broken glass

A window with broken glass may mean that you will get rude. Something will not go your way.

Repair the window

When you repair a window in a dream, it is a sign that you will be taking part in a certain merry event.

Window Dream Meaning
Window Dream Meaning

Bars on the window

The barred window symbolizes prosperity and happiness in life.

Look out the window

When you look out of the window in a dream, it is a sign that you are wasting your time.

Dirty window

A dirty window means a difficult time. So better prepare now for the adversities that you will have to face.

The bricked up window

When a bricked up window appears in a dream, it is a sign that you are unnecessarily afraid of obstacles, everything will turn out your way.

Shop window

It means good deal.

Window with curtains

It means you’re stubborn and don’t like sharing.
When the curtains on the window are new it is a sign of life changes.
When the curtains in the window are dirty, it means hard times in the professional and private spheres. Possible rumors and quarrels.
If the curtains on the window are torn, it indicates family quarrels.

Windows clean and shiny

You will attach importance to the exterior or do something for show.

Cover the window

It hails embarrassing or embarrassing situations and secrets.

Window with blinds

It points to some secrets and problems with friends or neighbors.

A large window, courage and determination will lead you to your goal.

Large windows in dreams also symbolize the dreamer’s great possibilities and wide prospects.

Clean the window

It is a suggestion that you are misjudging the world and people around you. This dream testifies to the dreamer’s sensitivity and his susceptibility to the influence of other people.

Window boarded up

Obstacles and misunderstandings. Also unnecessary limitations or complexes.

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