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Death Dream Meaning

Dying in a dream augured a long life.

Own death dream meaning

Own death: a long life of happiness and prosperity.

To see someone die: you should have some peace now and rest.

To see the death of a person who has already died: take the opportunity given to you.

What Does Dreaming About Death Mean?

Sudden death: an unexpected event.

Death by disease: you must take care of your health.

Fear of death: you fear the future.

own death dream

Deeth Dream Interpretation

This symbol rarely signifies real death for you or another person, much more often it is a harbinger of change, transformation and rebirth. As the dream interpretation explains, death can herald the end of some stage of your life, a change in an obsolete lifestyle, or a journey in a new aspect of life.

What dies in a dream is to begin anew in a new form. Dreams of death usually tell you that something is happening inside you and that something disappears to make room for the new.

If you dream that a person who is already dead dies once again, it means that you are inextricably linked with that person and even their death did not change it.

When you dream that you are dying by yourself, it indicates some kind of process of your soul of cleansing, correcting or rebirth. The dream interpretation states that your own death may also mean that you are examining your feelings about death or trying to separate your body from your mind.

Besides, since death has always been a strong fear, it can portend a great misfortune, after which nothing will be the same. However, ancient Indian books and the local dream book interpret this symbol as a harbinger of health and joy in life.

On the spiritual level, death means the invisible part of life, spiritual rebirth, resurrection and reintegration.

see someone death

If you die in a dream

If you die in a dream, you will have a long and happy life.

When you see your own death in a dream, you have the last chance to change your life for the better, then it will be too late.

If a sick person thinks about death, his health will improve.

If you see someone dying in a dream, you deserve a long rest, just think about yourself for once.

When a person you know dies in a dream, it portends a deterioration or breakdown of acquaintance with that person.

When you dream of death at the stake, the dream can have two meanings, when you are on fire, you have remorse, when someone else is on fire – you want to clear yourself of the charges.

If in a dream you fear death, it means that you are afraid of change, instead of looking at it from the other side and taking it as an opportunity.

What Does Dreaming About Death Mean?

The bachelor’s dream of death announces that he will marry, because marriage and death are considered to be the great goals of human life; therefore in dreams they point to each other.

If a married man dreams of death, it means that he will part with his wife.

Such a dream also separates friends, partners, brothers, because the dead do not stop with the living, nor do they live with the dead.

For the players, the dream of death promises they will win in significant competitions; because both the dead and the victors are counted as having achieved their goal.

Arabic death dream interpretation

When you see your death in a dream, it will be very hard for you to leave someone.

If in a dream you see someone else’s death, you will receive support in difficult times.

When someone who is sick dies in a dream, you will be able to overcome the disease.

If in a dream you see the death of a friend, the dream suggests that your relationship with this person will worsen.

When in a dream you see death at the stake, in flames, you have remorse, something is tormenting your soul.

When you see dead people, it foreshadows you events that you will enjoy.

The death of your friends or family members promises you to receive news from the lives of your friends or family members.

If in a dream you touch and kiss a dead person, this portends that you will receive sad news.

If you open the grave, it means that you still have hope for the loss and want something back.

When you dream that you must or want to die, it portends you the difficult last period of your life.

Indian death dream interpretation

If you dream that you have died, it may cause you a loss of faith, but also a long life.

When you dream that you have been buried, in the dream book it indicates your final fall and your inability to get up.

If you dream of a solemn funeral, it is a sign that you have hopes for prosperity.

When you dream that you are digging up your own grave, it will bring you back.

If you dream that you are dying, it portends difficulties for you.

When you dream that you are giving a deceased person food and drink, it portends that you will get sick and lose your money.

If you give the deceased person new clothes, you will be seriously ill and will lose at least some of your property.

If you dream that you are talking to the deceased, kissing or touching him, it is a sign that you will live a long life, but will be tormented by diseases often.

When in a dream you look at a deceased person who is suffering, it is a sign that you know that you will have to answer for your crimes.

If you see your own death in a dream, it will bring you pleasure and a good life.

Death Dream Meaning
Death Dream Meaning
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