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Apartment Dream Meaning

A apartment / flat is a symbol of your area of ​​life, safety and security. It’s good if the apartment is tidy and tidy.

apartment dream mean

Often people dream of renovating an apartment, which is a symbol of changing one’s interior or attitude towards life.

To explain this dream well, it’s worth remembering as much as possible. Even the color of the walls in the apartment can be important.

What Does Dreaming About Flat Mean?

Nice apartment

If you dream that you are living in a nice and new apartment, it means that you can count on nice changes in the conditions of your life.

Ugly apartment

When the apartment is ugly or dirty, it portends that you will suffer while you are awake, possibly from illness or a lack of human contact. It also suggests that your mind will be filled with negative, black thoughts. The dream interpretation also warns against a mental breakdown.

The apartment is poor and cramped

Despite your great intentions, you will not be able to make a fortune or earn some extra money.

Own flat

Someone will invite you or you will be visited by guests.

own flat dream

To be in an apartment you used to live in

Happy news.

Childhood apartment

You would like to live a carefree life, but unfortunately it is impossible. Sometimes the childhood apartment is a symbol of the traumas suffered during this period.

Repair of apartments

Renovating an apartment in a dream suggests that it’s a good time to change. Sleep can also lead you to repair your inner self and get rid of all negative and bad things.

During renovation, the apartment also calls for the improvement of relations with other people. According to the dream book, it is also an incentive to change your interior.

repair of aparments

Apartment after renovation

You will change your attitude towards life or towards a problem. It is an announcement of renewal, cleansing, refreshing, a better outlook on life, and throwing away everything superfluous.

The dream interpretation interprets a renovated apartment as a good period in the dreamer’s life.

Someone else’s apartment, a foreign apartment

Difficult time in the family.

The flat is abandoned

You’ll have a lot of expenses.

Apartment on the ground floor

Carefree life.

Big apartment

Expect a lot of money.

Cramped apartment

You will not implement your plans.

Nice apartment

By prudence, you will achieve much.

The apartment is heavily ruined and dilapidated

Disease of a loved one.

See the apartment

Serious life changes.

To buy a flat

Leaving by friends.

Apartment Dream Meaning
Apartment Dream Meaning

Rent an apartment

You will strive for something that you will fail.

Grandparents’ apartment

Don’t look back. Don’t think about the past. Sometimes it is a harbinger of bold solutions and moves.

Dead grandma’s apartment

You will not find consolation. You’re going to miss someone or something.

Friend’s apartment

It shows the bond you have with that person. You will probably meet again soon.

It is also possible that you envy her something and hence her life space appears in your dream.

Neighbor’s apartment: Someone will try to get into a dispute with you.

A mess in the apartment

It suggests that the dreamer also has a mess in his head and in his life.

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