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War Dream Meaning

Dreams of war and related matters foreshadow trouble and concerns for everyone except soldiers and those who live thanks to weapons.

The dream interpretation says that you will have to deal with them alone.


A dream about a defensive weapon, for example a shield, a helmet means that you will feel safe. You will feel peace and harmony with your loved ones.

The shield and the helmet mark the wife in a special way. As the dream book suggests, if these objects seem expensive in a dream, she will be rich and pretty, and if of little value, ugly and poor.

On the other hand, a dream about a weapon that is thrown indicates a crime even against one’s will. This dream also warns against starting disputes or quarrels.


When you see a war in a dream, you will experience great nervousness. The dream interpretation indicates that you will have to try to be calm if you want to get out of trouble without loss.

To be at war

When you are at war, you will witness a great quarrel. It is also a symbol of anger, toil, burdens, worries and conflicts with the law.

Win the war

If you win the war, the dream book promises you wealth and happiness.

Lose the war

When you lose a war, bad news, unresolved problems.

Civil War

It symbolizes the lack of contact with household members, bad relationships at home, little interest in common matters and even incomprehension and hostility.

Nuclear war

The dream of a nuclear war means that you will want to use your talents and abilities for bad purposes. Such a dream means that you have a lot of anger in you.

To be trapped

You will meet a strong opponent who will make you have problems.

Read about war

When you read in the press or see war preparations on TV, bad news.

Go to war

When you go to war, the things you are dealing with at the moment will fail.

See a broken weapon

If you see a broken weapon, reassure after some disaster.

To be saved

When you are the only survivor of the war, sleep means success in achieving your goals.

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