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Bird Dream Meaning

Birds have fascinated people for centuries because of their flying skills. They are a symbol of speed, cleverness and strength. Birds appearing in a dream symbolize our interior, plans and ideas.

They will be realized and our life will be as joyful as a bird flying high. The dream about birds foretells that we will overcome all weaknesses and limitations, and that we will enjoy life joy.

See flying birds

You will achieve a lot, your situation will improve, you will achieve your goals, you will be lucky.

A bird flying over you

Happiness, joy, improvement in life.

Birds circling in one place

Good and unexpected information addressed directly to you.

A bird flying alone

The end of worries and sorrows, an announcement of the coming of happy and peaceful times.

Bird in the nest

Successes at work, a raise or promotion, also possible a new job in a new company. Improving the material situation.

Bird on the ground

Finally, you will go on a well-deserved rest.

Bird on hand / shoulder

It means great happiness, good luck, change for the better. Joy of life, no more worries.

Catch the bird

Happiness in life, cash flow.

Feed birds

Be persistent with your work and it will pay off for sure. Someone is watching you and seeing your efforts.

The bird that eats the grain

Patience and persistence will ignite the fire of your life with more power.

Bird of prey

New opportunities in life, new choices will appear before you, use them well and everything will turn out as it should.

Water bird

Water birds symbolize rebirth, beauty and a new beginning in life.

A bird in a cage

A bird locked in a cage bodes good fortune in the family home.

Singing birds

Soon you will get good news that will have a positive effect on your life.

Birds fighting with each other

There will be a chance that will give you more options.

Drive the birds away

Unexpected cash flow, payment of debts.

Kill the bird

Luck in a contest or lottery.

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