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Priest Dream Meaning

In dreams, the priest is a warning not to move away from reality and focus on the present day. The presence of a priest in dreams has both good and bad meanings.

It can mean sad news, but also those that will finally end in a way that is favorable to us.

What Does Dreaming About Priest Mean?

Interpreting the dream can give you a clue as to how you should direct your life in the near future or what you should be careful about. To correctly read the meaning of the dream about the priest, try to remember as many details as possible from the dream.

A priest in a dream has various meanings that change depending on the context in which the person appears in the dream.

To see a priest in a dream

In general, a dream about a priest is a sign of a long and happy life. However, a lot depends on the role in which we see the priest. Sometimes it means unpleasant news about things that will, however, lead to a good end, and other times this dream foreshadows a long and beautiful life.

A priest saying mass

If you’ve had this dream, it means that you will face a lot of embarrassment and worry in the near future, but a person close to you will help you overcome your crisis.

A priest preaching

Such a dream about a priest is a bad sign. It heralds a disease in your family. When such a dream has happened to you, it is important to reflect on what is most important in life.


If you had a dream in which you are confessing to a priest, it means inner peace. If you go to confession in a dream, you will avoid unpleasantness in the future and solve your problems.

Being a priest

If you are the priest in a dream, it means that in real life you will perform some important functions. Already have an idea what it might be? The dream alerts you to this, so you have time to prepare for a new, important role.

A meeting of a priest

When you meet a priest in a dream, you will enter into a waking acquaintance that will make you reflect. Be attentive and remember that every relationship is valuable.

Conversation with the priest

This dream of a priest means that only the great truth can change your life. All lies will be exposed and your faith will be strengthened. Another interpretation of this dream is that you will find a soul mate and spiritual guide. Either way, such a dream may be considered a good omen, although you may encounter difficulties along the way.

A priest visiting

A priest appearing at a pastoral visit is a dream symbol of change in home life. It may be a new family member, but also a conflict that will change family relationships. A priest who walks after a carol also heralds changes in his professional life, associated with receiving an important position. If such a dream happened to a young person, they could get married soon.

A priest in a cassock

A priest seen in a cassock in a dream is a symbol of neglect and disobedience. It can be both the dreamer’s disobedience and the disobedience of a person who is close to him, which can bring dire consequences in the form of conflicts or breaking relationships. Better to rethink your behavior because you may be hurting others with it. Even if you think everything is okay now, trouble can soon come if you don’t change anything.

A priest in prayer

This dream of a priest signifies the need for inner purification and spiritual change. Not everything that happens in your life, including your inner life, is satisfying to you. Even if you do not realize it on a daily basis or try not to think about it, a dream about a priest who prays is a sign for you that it is worth making the effort and striving to change your spiritual life so that it acquires the expected by you shape.

Priest Dream Meaning
Priest Dream Meaning

Romance with a priest

Both in sleep and awake, this is immoral behavior. In dreams, it is a warning against making hasty decisions. A dream about an affair with a priest also foreshadows the appearance of an insincere and hypocritical person in the dreaming person’s life. So be cautious when dealing with people whose intentions you are unsure of.


The dream of a monk is very rare. It does not mean the same as dreams about the priest. When we see a religious in a dream, it means that while awake we must devote ourselves to the family, which we may neglect at the expense of our career. Consider whether you are not spending too much time working and you are not a rare guest at home?

The priest

When you see the figure of a parish priest in your dream, you will soon gain the respect of others. Another interpretation of this dream is that you can also renew old acquaintances or meet an important person in your life. Be careful! Dreaming of a pastor is a good sign.

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