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Child Dream Meaning

Should dreams of children arouse our special interest? How to interpret dreams about a child?

When interpreting dreams about a child, we must analyze every detail that has caught our attention.

Let’s consider if we know the child appearing in a dream, try to determine his age, evaluate his behavior, as well as our emotions related to his person.

Often dreams about a child are interpreted as a desire to return to a simpler, less complicated life, to the past that we associate with nice moments, good times.

Child dream meaning

It is also possible that the dream of a child is an expression of our subconscious need to fulfill the dreams we had as children, or to fulfill the desires that give us rest.

child dream

Dream interpretation Child – childish side of our personality

Interestingly, even if the child appearing in the dream is the dreamer’s own child, actually existing, we should still interpret it as a child in general, as our childish side of our personality.

After all, in each of us there is always something of a child – some desires, fears, a need for security, tenderness – if the child who appears in our dream is hungry for our presence and love, it is possible that in everyday life we ​​miss such emotions the most. .

Also, many children who appear in our dreams, especially if they are loud and we cannot control them, may prove that something is disturbing in our soul, that we are helpless in relation to the environment …

Let us consider, then, whether the child (or children) from the dream does not prove that our life has disturbed a certain balance, that there has been some disappointment, an event that either reminded us of childhood fears or caused longing. for “lost paradise”.

Child – a warning against childish behavior?

It is also often the case that dreams of children are an expression of our desires and needs that we cannot express with other images.

Perhaps these desires are simply naive and childish, which we feel subconsciously – is it time to change our behavior and attitude to reality?

Or maybe our subconsciousness warns us that we have been acting too childishly and carelessly recently on some matter important to us, that we are too infantile in some issues? Let’s analyze if something like this does not happen in our lives.

Baby – a happy fortune telling

A child appearing in a dream can also be a good omen – it often portends a happy family life, success in professional work, indicates that there may be a so far hidden path to success or that we have something valuable to gain.

So let’s not underestimate the dream in which it appears, each one carries a really powerful, interesting and essential meaning for our existence.

There are at least a few meanings which can be attributed to dreams of children.

Dreams about a child or children are usually received positively. The child symbolizes new opportunities and opportunities for further development. However, a lot depends on the circumstances in which the child appears in our dream.

It is worth adding that dreams about children happen very often to people who simply dream of having children, and in this way their subconscious reminds them of an unfulfilled dream.

The birth of a child

birth of a child

If in a dream we see the birth of a child, it is usually a good sign. It can be a harbinger of a good change in life, the emergence of new opportunities or a happy ending of the project you are working on.

However, if a dream happens to a man who sees that a woman is being born to a strange woman, it could indicate problems in his current relationship.

Small child dream

A small child is a symbol of emotional immaturity. Dreaming of a baby can be an expression of longing for childhood. It is also a manifestation of reluctance and fear of taking responsibility for one’s own life, of entering into real maturity, not only in terms of records, but also emotional.

This type of dream can also be related to people around you. It could mean that you have difficulty communicating with people you feel are immature and irresponsible.

Dead baby

Such a dream is definitely not pleasant. Dreaming of a dead baby can mean a lot of trouble and worry in your life. Such a dream may also reflect the numerous difficulties faced by the dreamer.

However, this symbol should not always be interpreted negatively. Some sources say that when we see a dying child in a dream (e.g. due to illness), it means that soon new career opportunities will open up to us.

Such a dream has to be approached differently when we are in the course of some important and difficult undertaking. Dreaming of a dead child may mean giving up hope of the success of this initiative.

Sick child dream symbol

A sick child is a symbol that is usually interpreted negatively. Means loss or financial problems.

Such a dream may also herald an illness in the closest family. If in a dream we see a child with a high temperature that appeared unexpectedly, we can presume that we will have a hot period in life, saturated with problems and unpredictable situations.

In contrast, the dream of a child who vomits or has diarrhea may be viewed positively. It means cleansing, getting rid of a grave problem or expelling difficult emotions.

If in a dream we see a child who is rapidly losing weight, we should prepare for adverse changes in our life.

On the other hand, dreaming about a chronically ill child can mean that we are frustrated and unfulfilled in our daily lives.

Crying baby dream meaning

Crying in your sleep, as in your waking life, is usually not a harbinger of anything good.

So a crying baby may mean that you have a problem that you cannot deal with, or that you do not even realize that you are bothering you and that you need support.

Baby or children in the bath

A dream in which we see a child or children bathing may mean the fulfillment of hidden needs, desires and hopes.

When interpreting this type of dream, it is worth considering what the water in which the bath was taken looked like.

If the dreamer sees children splashing in a transparent depth, he may guess that his subconscious is sending him positive signals informing him about a positive transformation, the end of a case or the start of a new task.

On the other hand, a dream vision of a child staying in dirty, cloudy or muddy water is a signal from the subconscious mind that the dreamer is in a situation that does not suit him. It is also a kind of a call to analyze your choices.

Fat baby in dream

A dream in which we see a fat child can usually be interpreted positively. A fat baby is a symbol of unexpected success and prosperity.

However, this type of dream can also be an expression of our complexes related to our own appearance.

Skinny child

A child who is skinny looks hungry and neglected – not a good sign. Such a dream may mean that our material situation will worsen.

Baby in a stroller

This is usually a good sign. It means that you will soon solve a problem that is bothering you. However, this type of dream can also be interpreted differently.

A child in a stroller can also symbolize helplessness and lack of independence. When interpreting a dream, it is worth considering the condition of the child. If the toddler was laughing and happy, we can really count on positive changes in our life.

However, if we see a child in a pram who is sick, restless or crying, we should look more closely at our life situation and our own emotions. Perhaps our subconscious is sending out warning signals.

Baby in her arms

A dream in which we see a child held in their arms is usually an announcement of something good: promotion, nice news, raises.

Child dream meaning
Child dream meaning
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