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Eyes Dream Meaning

The eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also a symbol of light and awareness. They indicate your mental state and future events and your reaction to them.

eyes dream symbol mean

As the dream interpretation explains, they also mean intelligence, spiritual interests, awareness, curiosity and knowledge, but they can also symbolize inner anxiety.

What Does Dreaming About Eyes Mean?

Bright, big eyes

Bright, expressive eyes stand for prejudice, thinking, criticality and mind. You can be brilliant.

Eyes staring

The eyes fixed on something mean a hard and cold intelligence, as well as calculation and selfishness.

To be watched

When you dream that you are constantly being watched, it is a sign that you have a strong sense of inferiority and suffer from inner anxiety. The dream interpretation also hints that you may feel guilty.

Empty sight

Empty eyes indicate a lack of understanding.

Eyes Dream Meaning
Eyes Dream Meaning

Eyes without pupils

They symbolize the lack of a life plan. You live day by day and don’t think about the future.

Joyful eyes

They portend a good time in life.

Look at something

When you dream that you are looking, it can express your fear, emotional or mental isolation, or the fear of losing something.

Have vision problems

If you dream that you are having trouble seeing, it means that you don’t see some of the problems or you don’t want to see them.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes seen in a dream portend great love. Dream interpretation suggests happiness in love.

blue eyes dream

Brown eyes

Brown eyes symbolize dishonest people who are around you not by accident. Watch out for their attempts.

Gray eyes

Do not be praised.

Black eyes

The dream of black eyes usually serves as a warning of impending danger.

Tired eyes

They warn you about nonsense that you may commit inadvertently or as a result of distraction.

Sick eyes

They signal the lack of money.

Festering eyes

They condemn you to health problems and order you to be interested in health and take special care of it.

To be blind

Wait for the nice, happy news.

Beautiful eyes

This foreshadows life satisfaction.

Beautiful eyes dream

Flaming sight

Love, hot feeling.

Paint your eyes

You cannot form a permanent relationship.

Injured eye

Your living conditions will deteriorate.

Loss of eyes

Suffering in love.

A person with one eye

If in a dream you see a person with one eye, this is a sign that you should be careful in business.

Look someone in the eye

When you look someone in the eyes in a dream, it is a sign that you will meet someone special.

Keep your eyes tied

Troubles and disappointments.

See the eyes of a cat or dog

The eyes of a cat or a dog indicate some danger from a loved one.

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