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Nails Dream Meaning

If you see nails in a dream, this is a sign that you can count on unexpected help in a difficult situation.

The dream book tells you good friends by your side.

nails dream meaning

What Does Dreaming About Nails Mean?

Destroyed nails

If you have damaged nails in a dream, it portends you anger and frustration. As the dream interpretation explains, you will have to come to terms with an extremely severe failure.

Toenails seen in a dream mean a loss of vitality. The dream interpretation suggests that such a dream may mean both physical and mental exhaustion.

To paint nails

If you paint your nails, it means that you will do an easy thing efficiently.

Black nails

Black nails portend mourning and scarcity. Dream interpretation announces unpleasant moments in life.

Long nails

If you dream that you wear long nails, it foreshadows you bad disputes in court.

long nails dream

Neat, nice nails

You manage your finances well.

Long nails

You are a liked person, you have a large group of friends. Your contacts will make many things easier for you.

Be abnormally long, oversized, or see them grow to enormous sizes: you want to get into precarious business.

Trim nails

When you dream that you are cutting your nails, it is a sign that you will face losses or a signal that you need to reduce your requirements.

Nails Dream Dictionary
Nails Dream Dictionary

File my nails

It augurs a situation in which you will have problems.

Broken nail

When you dream that you have broken your nails, it means that you have to reckon with troubles and losses.

Sick, black or split nails

They provide a warning against false acquaintances. Pay attention to your surroundings and get rid of the counterfeiters.

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