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Lice Dream Meaning

Lice often appear in dreams. The dream interpretation explains a single louse differently and a large number of lice. Lice seen in dreams indicate problems with people.

Lice means money, but this is not always the case. Sometimes they bring financial losses, problems, complexes and troubles with the environment, it all depends on the circumstances. Lice also means problems with people. You may be surrounded by toxic and negative people.


If you see one louse in a dream, it portends poverty or disease.


When you see a lot of lice it is a symbol of money, abundance. Sleep can also symbolize small but bothersome problems that you struggle with on a daily basis. Head lice and hair lice, according to the dream book, mean abundance and not too serious trouble.

Seeing head lice on someone

Prosperity and development.

Kill lice

If you kill lice in your sleep, you will overcome trouble. Some of them will be temporary.

Big lice

Cash flow.

Little lice

When lice are small, tiny, a symbol of minor problems and minor losses.

Get rid of head lice

Unpleasant events. Also a signal that you will overcome some problem.

Hide lice

You’ll be very ashamed of something.


A dream expresses an attempt to deal with troubles.

Catch lice

You will be mishandling any problem.

See lice on cattle

Great poverty. Dream interpretation warns against a wasteful lifestyle.

Count the lice

When you count lice, financial problems.

Lice on the comb

Sleep means getting out of problems and getting rid of a burden. Sometimes it also symbolizes a harsh truth.

Lice on a dog

Lice on your dog foretells problems or worries with your friends. The dream interpretation suggests that someone will need your help or support.

Lice in children

They can portend an illness in the family. However, it will not be anything very serious. Lice in the hair of children may also indicate educational problems or problems in the family.

When you see lice drink your blood, your body becomes weak or has health problems.

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