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Cat Dream Meaning

Cat – dream interpretation warns that if it appears in a dream, it means a warning against false people, quarrels and slanders. But, as a symbol of sensuality, a cat can also herald sinful pleasures and sex in the dream book.

According to dream books, the cat has been considered a symbol of the hearth for centuries.

What Does Dreaming About Cat Mean?

cat in dream symbol

They guarded farms against pests, mice and rats, and, as domestic animals, were the favorites of young children.

But this is not the only face of feline symbolism. Ancient times attributed divine qualities to them because of their hunting talents, agility and independence.

A cat is prescribed magical power – it began to be associated with witchcraft, witches and black forces, there was also a common opinion that cats are killed during sorcery practices.

So they became symbols of evil, night (because of the ability to see in the dark), and even Satan, they also began to be attributed negative human traits, such as laziness, selfishness, theft, duplicity, falsehood.

In later centuries, cats came to be associated with sensuality and carnal love, and a cat hunting for prey was identified with a man seeking the virtue of a woman.

In the paintings, the fight between the cat and the dog was an image of the fight between evil and good. The black male, identified with bad luck and death, has a particularly negative meaning.

cat dream meaning

According to some beliefs, he was the guide of souls to the world of the dead. It is worth adding that the symbolism of such an animal differs depending on the region of the world.

In Poland, the black cat has negative associations, the same is true in Russia and China, where it symbolizes hunger. On the other hand, in Great Britain, Japan and Latvia, the black cat is a harbinger of happiness and wealth.

Cat as a warning

Dream interpretation books often repeat that all connections of a cat in a dream should refer to a partner or someone important to us. However, a cat that appears in a dream should always be a warning against an unpleasant situation. Most dream books see it as a betrayal, trick or deception – the cat is associated with falsehood and selfishness.

It is worth remembering, however, that sometimes it is also an image of cunning and intelligence in a positive sense, so the animal we chase away from ourselves or from home in a dream means that we have a chance to defeat the enemy by cunning, hostile slander or emerge victorious from unpleasant situations.

It is also not worth worrying about a dream about a eating cat, because it means that we will defend ourselves in a difficult situation with our own wisdom.

However, this is one of the few positive translations for the dream in which the cat appears. Usually it has negative connotations: meowing already means gossip and gossip.

Cat – dream symbol meaning

A cat rubbing about us

Means false friends, sucking up and creeping into our favors, so after such a dream it is worth paying more attention to the flattery that we hear – they can be insincere.

A cat sleeping in the sun, which is an image of only apparent innocence, has a similar explanation. An attacking cat should also be treated as a warning. This is because in the dream books a conflict is announced. The greater the wounds we suffer from cat’s claws in our sleep, the greater our failure will be. The size of a cat can be understood similarly.

If we are threatened by a small kitten, we face a smaller problem, if a large one – the clash can be serious. A house full of cats means the presence of unfriendly people around us, and a cat crossing the road is a harbinger of disease.

Playing with a pet is translated as playing with fire: it is a signal that the relationships we enter into or the matters in which we engage may end badly for us. So let us consider whether it is worth continuing them. It is different if we step on cats’ tails in a dream – it is a sign that someone’s cunning and wisdom will help us in difficulties.

Cat as waiting for love

In Egyptian dream books, the dream of a cat was sometimes translated as an announcement of love. This is because he was a symbol of the goddess Bastet, patroness of sensual love. In our time, the presence of a cat, especially a white one, in a dream is often treated as an expectation of tenderness and someone else’s feeling, a different coloration of the animal may be a desire for illicit passion or adultery. A cat that a man dreams of may symbolize the woman he wants physically.

When we see a cat walking past us or somewhere in the distance, we read it as a disappointment in a love that may have ended too quickly or was not as deep as we thought. In the context of a relationship between two people, playing with a cat can be translated as a lover’s betrayal, and petting – as giving affection to someone unworthy of our love.

A cat that lingers to us is supposed to symbolize a partner who is flattered to be used and abandoned. A cat sitting in a cage can signify goodbye or a breakup with someone close, but with the consent of both parties.

If a woman dreams of a cat curled up in a ball on her lap, she is being reckless, which may result in accepting an immoral offer. On the other hand, a cat sleeping on a man’s lap is a warning against dishonesty partner.

A sleeping cat, regardless of the sex of the person who dreams about it, may be a harbinger of the fulfillment of her innermost love desires. If you are looking for a pet in a dream, it indicates the need for freedom and independence from your partner.

Black cat

It is a harbinger of bad luck, distress, financial loss, illness and betrayal. It can also mean bad luck and evil awaiting us. It is always a warning and a call to greater vigilance.

What Does Dreaming About Cat Mean?

White cat

It means we are judging someone badly. After such a dream, we should verify our assessments of the people closest to us. A white and clean cat is also a symbol of tender love and happiness that awaits us. It also means the dreamer’s commitment to the relationship. In a different context, the white cat means intellectual satisfaction, it is a harbinger of solving matters thanks to the wisdom and cunning of people who are kind to us.

Ginger cat

It is a symbol of true love and a harbinger of happy times, not only in the emotional context.

Gray cat

To see a gray cat in a dream means the advent of better times.

Dead cat

In dream books it means the need for freedom and independence, but also freeing oneself from problems or uncomfortable relationships. If in a dream we kill the cat, it means that we are not doing the right thing.

Sick cat

This is a failure.

Cat and dog

As they are two opposing symbols, their presence next to each other signifies a fight between good and evil, sadness and joy, or problems with health.

Wild cat

It foreshadows betrayal. If the wild cat is also furious and aggressive, it can be read as a victory for the dark side of our character.

Cat Dream Meaning
Cat Dream Meaning

A wounded cat

A dying or injured cat can be a warning against a heartbreak.

Small cat

Cats are a harbinger of joy, but also new ideas. If we dream of a kitten with cubs, it may mean a decrease or multiplication of money. In dream books, little cats also reflect the dreamer’s quarrelsome nature, which can cause unpleasant situations.

Mouse and cat

A cat hunting mice means that someone is a threat to the dreamer or his family. It is worth looking around who this could be, because if we don’t act, it may be too late. A cat that kills a mouse is good news – we will miss a dangerous adventure.

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