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Wedding Dream Meaning

A wedding in a dream seems to mean only good things. A dream about a wedding, however, can not always be read positively.

Depending on what the wedding feels like in a dream, this may refer to really good things, but it may also indicate some problems that have happened to us or are yet to come.

wedding dream meaning

Have you had a dream about a wedding and want to know what it means to you?

What Does Dreaming About Weeding Mean?

A dream about a wedding can very often tell us something about our love life.

People who are already in a relationship (not necessarily married) can read from a dream about a wedding, for example, a fortune telling about the future of this relationship.

Also, the lonely people who want to be happy can see the promise of love around the corner.

What exactly a dream about a wedding means depends on the context. If you dreamed of a wedding, check what it means to you.

Attending your own wedding

This dream means a desire for a lot of entertainment. A dream about your own wedding can also be a signal that many changes will occur in the dreamer’s life.

Own wedding

This dream has positive connotations. It is an omen of a long and happy marriage. If a dream of your own wedding happens to a single person, it may be a sign that he will soon find his significant other. If you are married this could herald the arrival of a new family member.

To see a wedding

This is a sign of the envy of a dreamer. If this dream happens to future spouses, it should be interpreted as starting a new chapter in life. This chapter will be very interesting, and the dreamer will be looking forward to it.

Receiving wedding guests

You will lose a lot of money. In case of dissatisfaction of wedding guests in a dream, we may have problems in the relationship while we are awake.

Going in the wedding procession

The dream of the wedding procession has a good meaning. It is a symbol of falling in love with someone at first sight.

Being a guest at the wedding

A bad omen. It is often a death prophecy. This dream also has a positive meaning. It means that everything you have planned will go your way. Your success will be the result of hard work, not accident. This dream is also an announcement that you will have to keep working to achieve new successes.

Dancing at the wedding

A negative sign. Not everything will go your way. This dream can also be interpreted as drawing attention to yourself. However, be careful as your infatuation can be used against you. It is worth considering whether the person you love has good intentions towards you.

You are getting ready for a wedding

If you are going to a wedding in a dream as a guest and, for example, you are arranging a hairstyle, it means that you want to attract attention and impress someone.

Died at a wedding

If someone deceased appears at a party in a dream about a wedding, it is a sign to stop reflecting on that person’s death and end mourning. It can also be read as a sign of the deceased’s care for the dreamer.

Drunken wedding guests

If a wedding dream portrays a lot of drunk guests, it means that while you are awake you do not want to acknowledge a certain fact or state of affairs.

Wedding Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A row at the wedding

If a row or fight occurs in a dream about a wedding, it is a bad omen. This may mean that you are facing bad news in the near future, or that there will be some misfortune while you are awake, due to your recklessness.

Putting on a wedding dress

A bad sign. If in a dream you put on a wedding dress, it portends a failed marriage.

Wedding Dream Meaning
Wedding Dream Meaning

Failed wedding

If the wedding in a dream does not go as planned, it may mean that our plans are not going our way. Just like in the dream about wedding guests, this dream can also be interpreted as a reflection of the crisis between the partners.

Two brides

If two brides appear in a dream about a wedding, it means that you are in for a competition or unfairly accused of something.

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