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Fish Dream Meaning

In dreams, fish appear as a symbol of happiness, positive energy, abundance, prosperity or fertility. Fish is also a Christian symbol meaning spiritual food.

fish dream symbol meaning

Pisces also stands for patience and intuition. Fish live in conditions where humans have no chance of life. Most of all, fish are the beginning of life on earth and an important religious sign in any culture.

Fish can have many meanings when they appear in dreams.

A dream about fish may seem strange to many people, and yet there are many people who dreamed of fish.

Such a dream can arouse curiosity about its meaning. However, fish can appear in different contexts, and this is not without significance for the interpretation of the dream.

Remember as many details as possible from the dream in which the fish appeared and see what interpretation the dream book suggests.

What Does Dreaming About Fish Mean?

Big fish in clear water

Big fish have a positive meaning. If they are swimming in clear water, it means that you are going to be successful in life. You have to take advantage of it.

big fish dream

Fish in the aquarium

Such a dream has positive connotations. It means being appreciated at work and enjoying what you have done so far. If this dream happened to you, it could mean taking a risk as it might pay off.

Big fish

Big fish appearing in dreams herald financial success.

Sea fish

Bad sign. You have some kind of negative feeling that keeps plaguing you.

Dead fish

This dream warns you that worry is lurking nearby. Be careful because it will be difficult to deal with him. The dream of dead fish also has a positive meaning. It is about being more kind towards others and not worrying about trivial matters.

Golden Fish

In fairy tales, a goldfish fulfilled three wishes. In dreams, it has somewhat similar symbolism. Here it symbolizes the fulfillment of your hopes.

olden fish dream

Fish floating in the river

Like fish swimming in clear water, fish swimming in the river in our dreams are a sign of happiness and prosperity.

Stranded Fish

There is a person in your environment who can harm you and hinder the implementation of your plans every time. If you dream of stranded fish in a dream, you should not trust someone by chance, as it can have dire consequences.

Fish jumping above the water surface

Warning. Be careful. Someone very rich and influential can use this against you.

Flying fish

Such a dream is interpreted as trouble on the part of co-workers or late in the day.

Catching small fish

It portends dissatisfaction or annoyance.

Buying fish

There may be false rumors about you. Be careful who you trust.


A dream about catching fish has both positive and negative meanings. On the one hand, it informs you that a loved one will deceive you, but this dream can also be an announcement that you will finally find a mental balance and mean success in your private and professional life.

Smoked fish

If you have a dream about smoked fish, it means that you will complete all the tasks you have set yourself, and no obstacles will be too bad for you.

Dried fish

Bad sign. This dream foreshadows conflicts in the family.

Fried fish

In dreams, they symbolize dissatisfaction with people whom you previously considered friends.

Fish Dream Meaning
Fish Dream Meaning

Raw fish

The Raw Fish Dream tells us that in your life there will be opportunities for easy but not lasting friendships.

Catching a big fish

You will make a good deal that will bring you a lot of profit. You will also gain respect from friends and associates.

Eating fish

In the case of women, it means that they will have an easy and pleasant birth. In men, it symbolizes success in women. The dream of eating fish can also foreshadow a big lottery win.

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