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School Dream Meaning

School in a dream means that life will challenge you. You don’t draw conclusions from the mistakes you commit.

school dream

You don’t learn from mistakes and gain experience.

The dream book informs that the school seen in dreams warns against making the same mistakes.

What Does Dreaming About School Mean?

Primary school

Primary school seen in a dream testifies to some profound experiences from this period. You are lost in life and you want to get back on track or find meaning in life.

This symbol can also express the fear of responsibility and the inability to manage one’s life. Sometimes primary school in a dream indicates that you want to return to your carefree life.

High school

You like to be exalted among others. This symbol can also signal success in matters of the heart.


This means that you will make some progress.

Music school

It means pleasure and life harmony.
If you study in a music school it is a suggestion that you dream of great success, but still do not do enough to achieve it. Classes in a music school also mean peace, pleasure and relaxation.

School Dream Meaning
School Dream Meaning

Vocational school

It means financial benefits achieved by persistence and effort. This symbol also indicates a talent you have.

Study at school

The dream book informs you that you have unfulfilled ambitions.

Go to school

You will receive praise from your boss or parents.

Visit the school

An event will discourage you from further action.

A school full of children

He points to minor setbacks that are not worth worrying about.

Be at school

When you are at school in a dream, according to the dream, it means that you want things that are bad or forbidden. Watch out for temptations.

be at school dream

Wandering around school

When in your sleep you wander around school and you cannot find the classroom where your lesson is taking place, it is a sign that it is difficult for you to adjust to the situation in which you find yourself in life. You hate change hard.

Destroyed school

A broken school may suggest that you are too concerned with the past, rather than moving forward. He has to leave difficult things behind.

Enrolling in school

Signing up for school in your sleep means time to catch up.


The truancy dream means that you are aware of your educational deficiencies, but are not interested in learning any further.

Repeat a class

When we dream that we are repeating a class, it is a sign that we lack confidence.

Take the school bus

When you drive the school bus in a dream, it means that you have made a small change that portends good changes.

Dance school

According to the dream book, the dance school reflects the joy of life, temperament and an active lifestyle.

Ballet school

The ballet school, on the other hand, points to some compulsion and enormous effort.


Sleeping homework means that we should remember a certain life lesson.

Write a test

When we write a test in a dream, it means that we will be put to the test. Cheating on it suggests that we like to take the easy way in real life, use other people, manipulate, just to get out of our way.

write a test dream

Class at school

It is a symbol of interpersonal relations and the place it occupies in society. It is also a signal that you need to rest mentally.

School corridor

It means bright and joyful days or vice versa.

Vocational school means financial benefits achieved through persistence and effort. This symbol also indicates some talent that the dreamer has.

School toilet

You want to escape from unpleasant childhood memories. It can mean you feel guilty or hurt someone.

School trip, class trip

Pleasant events that can become disturbed by something. It is also a symbol of change.

School love

Seen in a dream, it indicates a return to pleasant memories. You may be missing something in your current relationship. School love foretells pleasure and carefree.

School certificate

You will be put to some test.

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