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Kissing Dream Meaning

Kissing dreams are very enjoyable and have many meanings. Kissing symbolizes love, harmony and contentment.

When you are kissed in a dream, it may mean that there are dishonest people around you. Don’t be fooled by appearances.

kissing dream meaning

What Does Dreaming About Kissing Mean?

To be kissed by a stranger

Kissing with a stranger is a sign that you should not waste time on indecent pleasures. It is also a symbol of temptation and lack of love.

Sometimes a dream expresses dissatisfaction with the current relationship and loneliness and incomprehension on the part of the partner.

To be kissed by mom

If your mother gives you a kiss in a dream, such a dream is a sign of prosperity.

To be kissed by a brother

Kissing your brother, according to the dream book, is a betrayal in the immediate vicinity.

To be kissed by a child

If in a dream we kiss a child, the dream portends a lot of joy for us.

To be kissed by parents

The dream of kissing our parents foretells us professional success and large cash flows.

Kissing on the cheek

When we kiss someone on the cheek in a dream, it’s a sign that someone we know loves us and is counting on us to become a couple.

Sleep should also be interpreted as an expression of love and respect. The interpretation of the interpretation of a kiss on the cheek is favorable.

When we kiss someone on the face in a dream, it is a sign that we will be able to fulfill our wildest plans.

kissing on the cheek

Steamy kiss

A dream about a passionate kiss is a symbol of unsatisfied desires on the side of the sleeper.

A kiss on the hand

If in a dream we kiss someone on the hand, it is a sign that we will manage to earn great respect. This symbol promises good prospects for the future.

A dream in which we kiss someone on the neck reminds us to control our urges.

If you are kissed on your hand in a dream, it is a sign that you are respected by people.

Kissing the enemy

If in a dream you kiss any of your enemy, it means that you will achieve a breakthrough in some dispute.

When the theme of a killer kiss appears in a dream, it is a sign that we love the wrong person.

Wanting to kiss someone

When you want to kiss someone but don’t have the courage, it is either sadness or disappointment.

Kissing the ground

If you kiss the ground, it means caring and humiliating.

Kissing a married person

When you kiss a married person, it bodes arguments and discord.

Kissing an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend

Emotions related to the previous partner are still important (they can be positive but also negative).

It may also be a suggestion that you are missing something in your current relationship.

You may be comparing the current relationship with the previous one. Dreaming of kissing your ex also indicates unresolved past problems.

Kissing a person of the same sex

If you dream that you are kissing a person of the same sex, this symbol testifies to the dreamer’s hidden desires.

About the need for novelty and variety (this applies not only to the intimate sphere, but also to life and the search for new sensations and experiences).

A kiss between a woman and a woman and a man with a man in a dream also expresses self-acceptance or problems with her (depending on whether you like the kiss or not).

Kissing a husband or wife

Kissing with a loved one, kissing your husband (wife) shows what you have in common. It is a suggestion that the feeling between you is sincere and real and the relationship has good prospects for the future.

kissng a husband or wife

Kissing with a friend or colleague

You kiss a friend or friend, a dream is an expression of a close relationship with that person. If you don’t have a crush on him or her, the dream doesn’t mean that the dream person has love plans for you.

When you spend a lot of time with each other, it is natural that this person will sometimes appear in a dream, and it is quite unusual. It then proves attachment and friendship.

However, when you have a crush on a friend, a dream embodies a dream of a relationship with that person or the anticipation of a breakthrough in your relationship.

Kissing Dream Meaning
Kissing Dream Meaning

Kissing with a priest or nun

It is a symbol of temptation and actions you may regret. This dream also says a lot about the dreamer. For example, it reveals that you like breaking barriers and are attracted to forbidden things.

Kissing with the boss or boss

If you really like your boss, the dream should be considered a fantasy about a close relationship with him.

If you are not in love or in love with him, it means that you want an imperious, decisive and strong partner. Sometimes a dream of a kiss with your boss indicates an attraction to power and money.

Kiss the actor

When you kiss an actor, it means that your relationship is not going well. Either you or your partner is faking something.

This dream warns against lying, betrayal and hiding important facts.

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