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Flowers Dream Meaning

Flowers are associated with peace, joy and relaxation, and this is also the meaning of sleep. The dream interpretation reveals that they also mean love, recognition, compassion and consolation.

flowers dream meaning

Flowers in a dream sometimes suggest that you plan your relationships with people too carefully, which is why you are not spontaneous.

What Does Dreaming About Flowers Mean?

Flowers in the garden

Flowers growing in the garden or in the house indicate a life full of joy.
A dream in which many flowers appear in your garden means that you need more colors in your life and you need to worry less about everything.

flowers in the garden

Give flowers

When you dream that you are giving flowers to someone, it may mean that you should be more confident.

Getting flowers

If you get a bouquet of flowers, what about this dream interpretation – you will be rewarded for something.

getting flowers

Choose flowers

When you choose flowers, it bodes you good luck and success, but it also sometimes warns you of risk. This symbol can also indicate a desire for sexual fulfillment.

See pretty flowers

You see nice and fresh flowers, the dream interpretation interprets this dream very positively. This is your health and success, especially in the emotional sphere.

Cut flowers

Cut flowers, seen in dreams, encourage more naturalness. The dream book encourages the dreamer to be more accessible, free and more relaxed.

Wilted flowers

They signify discouragement and can also indicate threats.

Broken flowers

They have a dangerous meaning.

Flower Dream Meaning
Flower Dream Meaning

Blooming flowers

They express beautiful thoughts and positive feelings, but it is very much dependent on the color.

Fertilize the flowers

When you dream that you are fertilizing flowers, it means that you need to work on your respect.

Throw away flowers

This portends that you will lose your chance for happiness through your own fault.

Wild flowers

They denote naturalness, simple beauty and contempt for artificiality, which can be represented by flower beds.

Wreath of flowers

It may be a formal relationship.
If you received a wreath in a dream, this is a sign that you need to respect someone with whom you argued.


A sign that you cannot trust someone around you.


A sign that you should continue your relationship with your temporary partner.


It announces that the news will bring you big disappointments.


A sign that you have made a mistake and you need to pay attention to it.


It foreshadows love, and perhaps a wedding in the same year.


It symbolizes purity as well as birth and purification of oneself. In the Christian tradition, it is a symbol of virginity.


The meaning is completely color dependent.

Yellow flowers

They can stand for creativity and life changes.

Orange flower

It stands for vitality and overall satisfaction with life.

Pink flowers

They portend a pleasant social activity in the future.

White flower

It stands for simplicity and purity in some aspects of life.

Flowers in the meadow

People you love and trust will repay you with the same. Sleep also brings joy and rest.

Flowers in flowerpots

An announcement of a new feeling or the strengthening of an old one. This symbol may also indicate restrictions.

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